Polishing brick 5 big series

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-12
Overland 5 big series Overland ceramics polishing tile color tile series of polishing brick, ceramic tile is calcined at tile surface again after a special pigment, is the pattern of permeable tile, then after high temperature and high pressure fire brick surface grinding and polishing, the surface looks very similar to the polishing brick, with flat, smooth, simple sense is good, colour and design is also very rich, and also can wear, anti-fouling, accord with modern taste of home decoration. Color tile is the feature of imitation of natural marble, natural and beautiful, smooth texture, more kinds of styles, affordable, both polished tile level off is smooth, and the rich colours of the glazed tile, integrating both advantages of satisfied to glaze rich design, and meet the needs of the people for smooth ceramic tile. Overland ceramics polishing brick texture blah about series of ceramic tile brick natural overlay, administrative levels feels strong, good embodies the fashion fitness, healthy living space, is the modern family bedroom to decorate. Overland ceramics polishing brick of the ice age series of visual and luxuriant, high-end products, color elegant and rich administrative levels sense, texture clear, line feels dye-in-the-wood, comfortable and pleasing to the eye, the all-ceramic embryo via high temperature fire, quality of a material is solid, strong bearing capacity, high corrosion resistance, mirror polishing for many times, pure bright, brick surface design rich and colorful. Tulips series of Overland ceramics polishing brick, draw lessons from the volcanic eruption when myriad hard die block in the process of gathering, the fusion and the principle of generating rock, is in a continuous improvement, innovation ceramics have been built on the basis of the the grain natural harmony, beautifully designed, powder, pearl 3 d overlay, form all ornaments, all show the texture of natural stone material, bottom brick texture rich layers, three-dimensional nature, let the tulips series radiate noble temperament, pure and fresh and elegant, dignified plain, clever and do not break the atmosphere, has wear-resisting, easy to clean, high gloss features, often apply to luxurious space, decorated special, noble and free from vulgarity. Tulips series tile color plain, natural, floating feather grain light spirit runaway, texture without repetition, is like a light down the dance, CLS yi yi, builds a mellow texture with soft nature of natural verve, to elaborate it in space, it is modern people's pursuit of gorgeous, particularly. Noble and free from vulgarity. Overland ceramic colour red jade series of polishing brick has elegant noble color, texture and vivid will really stone texture reduction in the surface of ceramic tile, recounting the pursuit of excellence, comfort and perfect generalization into a concise, elegant, let a person enjoy a strong romantic feelings. Colour red jade series ceramic tile the all-ceramic embryo via high temperature fire, quality of a material is solid, strong bearing capacity, high corrosion resistance, surface adopts imported glaze, non-slip performance is excellent, mirror polishing for many times, close to the mirror effect, and high density of anti-pollution glaze, the fouling resistance is strong, easy to clean. Overland of polishing brick, waiting for you!
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