Polishing brick common problem analysis

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-18
One, the black spots on the surface of the polishing brick is how? Black spots on the surface of the polishing brick is mainly due to raw material containing iron, there are many reasons for the formation, such as raw material not clean, when firing into the kiln impurities, etc. , can cause the emergence of the black spots. Two, crack of polishing brick brick after a period of time is after the high temperature burn becomes polishing brick, body must achieve porcelain just calculate qualified products, normal use is generally won't appear crack. If the shop is stuck in the high strength of cement, cement hardening with volume play change will cause crack of polishing brick; If there is no seam when shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile by heat bilges cold shrink and expansion, also can appear crack. Third, polishing brick can be used in the toilet and kitchen? Bathroom, kitchen is wet area, generally not suitable for the shop is stuck polishing brick, can use dumb smooth glazed pottery shop is stuck. In addition to these two areas, polishing brick can be applied to other regions. Four, after the shop is stuck, the causes of the formation of polishing brick color difference of 1, the product has been in the factory mixed color, different color number of polishing brick installed; 2, construction workers did not follow the color in the packing arrangement of the shop is stuck; 3, after the shop is stuck each position different light conditions, caused the visual sense of color. Five, the shop is stuck in winter polishing brick wriggle through the earth was going to be easy? Indoor below 5 ℃, slag slurry ice, ceramic tile is not suitable for room temperature for construction, etc. , in addition to these cases should not be outside the shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile arch camber and the shop is stuck in the winter there is no direct relationship. Ceramic tile, the reason is not leave a gap, gap too narrow, or ceramic tile ceramic tile to appear empty drum. Six, deal with the issue of polished tile cutting easy broken polishing brick of high hardness, in the use of cutting machine, ceramic tile cutting a proficiency is not high temperature change and the workers will result in the crack of the ceramic tile. So ceramic tile cutting looking for professional workers, at the same time of cutting in cutting by spraying cooling, so as to guarantee the quality of cutting. Seven, repair fall off if loss of polishing brick of polishing brick without damage, ceramic tile can be on the back of the mud scraper, use ceramic tile adhesive or mud evenly coated on the back of the tile, pressure can be glued down polishing brick later. Eight, the daily maintenance of polishing brick 1, mildew, black spot, can use bleach to remove such as tea, as long as with bleach in besmirch place for a few minutes and then wipe clean can. If is seeping into the ceramic tile in longer besmirch, soak need longer hours. 2, paint, oil, etc. , to use alkaline detergents remove; Cement, scale, rusty spot, etc. , then use hydrochloric acid more than wiped a few times until clean. 3, if the time is too long, polishing brick used surface scratches stain has been very serious, you need to please the professional cleaning company to waxing renovation.
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