Polishing brick late maintenance small way!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-12
Refurbished polishing brick renovation methods and marble basic same, but need to use heavy stone refurbished machines, with 50 # - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3000 # 1 piece polishing the seven procedures, the granite polishing polishing method for low speed, low pressure, and then do water-based antifoulant antifouling processing, crystal face processing. Crystal processing must be used when the neutral polishing tile special crystal agent processing, if the acidic Dali imitations MianJiang, crystal mud, crystal agent like polishing brick surface is not clear, although has certain luminosity, but quite blurred, there is a kind of object surface is the same month hazy feeling anointed with oil, only after the neutral polishing brick with crystal agent will be the original polishing tile factory of specular highlights, mirror, clear effect. Nursing method 1, neutral cleaner regularly clean surface, remove stains commonly, do not use any strongly acidic detergent, such as clean toilet clean clean clean toilet net clean effect is really good at that time, but at the same time, it burned out the crystal layer of polishing brick, make pore surface increased, starting from the second day, it is becoming more and more black, because the surface has been 'burn out', do not fight corrupt. 2, neutral agent crystal crystal care. 3, special stains such as tea, fruit stains, coffee stains, spot, etc. Can use the content of high purity for 27. More than 5% of the 2 - H2O2 apply cover with tissue paper and 3 hours, can remove. ( Note: H2O2 is direct contact with the skin, must wear rubber gloves. ) Maintenance method 1, prior to use of polishing brick after the shop is good, in order to avoid the surface damage when other project construction, application of woven bag not easy decoloring goods such as protection, the brick surface cover. 2, such as the need to be used on the paved tiles nailing air compressor, application objects such as cushion board air compressor, air compressor wheels are strictly prohibited direct contact with the brick surface, in order to avoid the air compressor vibration impact on the tile. 3, daily cleaning mop the floor, please try to use dry mop with wet mop, less local dirty or blot, household cleaners, such as detergent, washing powder or clean with dong peng stain remover, and according to the usage regularly or not regularly coated with floor wax, wait for after its are bright again, can keep the tile can if brightness is new. Aren't good economic conditions, the use, so as to achieve advanced hotel effects.
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