Popular color ceramic tile - — Ceramic tile color collocation technique

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-08
1. Black the collocation of black and white collocation of white ceramic tile ceramic tile with classic, never out of date. Simple, atmosphere, fashion of black and white, give a person a kind of comfortable, simple sense. Like simple, contemporary and contracted decorate a style can try that never goes out of black and white floor tile color oh. 2. Brown and grey tiles with brown and gray collocation also is almost more popular color. Brown ceramic tile gives a person a sense of noble, elegant, again with the dark black collocation are together, more show temperament and noble. Brown gray color collocation gives a person the feeling of ceramic tile is atmosphere, temperament, noble, you might as well try this kind of collocation. 3. Light color, white and grey tiles with light color, white and grey tiles such collocation, was deeply loved by people like small and pure and fresh style. Such collocation is also like contracted, monochrome even shape and structure of people's right of choice. These the cool color of ceramic tile to reconcile extremely significantly more highlights the characteristics of indoor display is tasted downy sense. 4. Light cream and yellow brown tiles match light cream and yellow brown ceramic tile is tie-in, can make whole design feeling more rich, and in the visual would feel very elegant and noble. Effects that these two kinds of color is tie-in, can make whole household becomes soft and warm, will affect the atmosphere of whole family. In the area of ceramic tile of laid of choice, can use this two color collocation gives very chic style, make you feel refreshing moment.
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