Post how big is suitable for the ceramic tile of toilet and their common problem is what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
Floor tile is often used when decorate, not only can make the house beautiful and easy, convenient and posted up easily. How old do so, against the bathroom tiles on fit, and what are the common problems, everyone to look at. A, post how big is suitable for the first, the bathroom tiles on the bathroom floor tile, it is best to stick to them with ceiling is high, then the middle has some curves to decoration design, not only look beautiful, and very elegant. Have to tip everyone is here, the bathroom shall guarantee the moistureproof, in general, the bathroom shower area ratio should be between 180 to 100 centimeters, can also do the top. If you want to placed the tub, be sure to make with the tub adjacent wall surface. It is higher than the tub 30 centimeters, if wall adhesion on metope, the floor tile to optimization does not penetrate. Second, the common problems on the bathroom floor tile 1, on the bathroom floor tile, everyone need to supervision on the spot, consumption of raw materials to avoid the construction personnel. If not on the spot during the construction period, when encounter some unscrupulous mortar worker may consume a lot of bricks. Proposal will be not good ceramic tile is stuck on the stealth areas, such as the basin that wash a face and kitchen cabinets, also should pay attention to floor tile, abdominal such as floor tile, don't have to be a worker on the inappropriate place, or you in the future is not easy to see anything, also took a silly money. 2, as far as possible to make the wall before wall brick is not smooth, because this can enlarge the sliding friction, the ceramic tile of strong. 3, in general, in the main application of mixed mortar wall is very good. Little imagine, in the gas pipe of the shower and cover the metope of the line, must be added in the mixed mortar 108 glue to enhance the adhesion force. 4, prevent metope empty drum, post after the ceramic tile of toilet can not touch the inspection immediately, usually have to wait an hour or two to, especially in pay attention to in the four corners of the floor tile. It is best to each piece carefully. Once we find a metope empty drum, to immediately heavy stick. Because now not repair, after must make hole in the wall of the wall of the cases you can find the metope empty drum is very sensitive, very easy to fall. Above is on the bathroom floor tile when everyone must master of professional knowledge, although look very small, but must pay attention to in the tile wall. Thank you for the last watch of brunei online information, see you next time!
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