Prevent ceramic tile craze, start from the ceramic tile of choose and buy, acceptance and maintenance

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-06
Ceramic tile is both familiar and unfamiliar people decorate building materials materials. Familiar with because, in China family is decorated in, the vast majority of this material will be used to ceramic tile, daily life also often contact. Strange because, people to the understanding of the ceramic tile basic stay on the surface of the decorative effect, about the quality of the actual know little about the understanding of quality and technical standard. Therefore, for ceramic tile of choose and buy, acceptance, and maintain clean, ordinary owner there unavoidably. In decorating a acceptance and use life, ceramic tile craze is relatively common decorate problem. If not in-depth exploration, many owners may simply think is ceramic tile quality problems. In fact, in addition to ceramic tile quality issue, there are many factors will result in the crack of the ceramic tile. So, what are the specific reasons tile craze, choose from tile and acceptance to the maintenance need to pay attention to? First of all, is to decorate before the choose and buy of ceramic tile products. As the saying goes, the choice is the beginning of success. Selected for high quality ceramic tile, also is the first step to guarantee the service life of the ceramic tile. The immediate cause of most families in ceramic tile craze, from appear empty drum phenomenon caused by the ceramic tile, and more common in metope ceramic tile. And empty drum ceramic tile is mainly caused by ceramic tile is bibulous too much. Therefore, when choosing ceramic tile, be about to choose bibulous rate is low. Second, is the construction of ceramic tile shop sticks. Many owners of ceramic tile shop is stuck on the construction technology of don't understand, more often depends on the construction of teacher's professional level, also does not have to pay special attention to, when decorating a acceptance results left a ceramic tile craze. To be sure, the owner may not need to know the shop is stuck process of ceramic tile, but the acceptance of the skills to master, such as whether moderate left a gap between ceramic tile. In addition, the basic level processing in front of the shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile cutting, improper dosage and mucilage when the shop is stuck, edge grinding improper operation will also affect tile subsequent cracking problems. It is important to note that if the tiles alternating hot cold for a long time, such as close to the boiler heat source temperature change is bigger, the frequent under the action of heat bilges cold shrink, will cause cracking of ceramic tile. In addition, there are also some external force factors, also can cause metope ceramic tile craze, such as door decoration gravity knock. Subtle if cracking of ceramic tile aperture, and the only fringes imperceptible places at home, will not affect the practicality and aesthetics, so problems may not. However, if the cracking of ceramic tile aperture, or is in the living room waiting for service of conspicuous place, will not only reduce the service life of the ceramic tile, may also affect the beautiful sex of integral space.
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