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Prevent ceramic tiles from cracking, starting from ceramic tile purchase, acceptance and maintenance

Prevent ceramic tiles from cracking, starting from ceramic tile purchase, acceptance and maintenance


Ceramic tiles are both familiar and unfamiliar decoration materials. Familiarity is because, in domestic home decoration, most of the ceramic tiles are used, and they are often touched in daily life; unfamiliar is because people’s understanding of ceramic tiles basically stays at the surface decoration effect, which is superior to the actual quality. Little is known about inferiority, process standards, etc. Therefore, for the purchase, acceptance, maintenance and cleaning of ceramic tiles, ordinary owners will inevitably be unable to start.

In decoration acceptance and daily use, tile cracking is a common decoration problem. If there is no in-depth exploration, many owners may simply think it is a quality problem of the ceramic floor tiles. In fact, in addition to the quality of the tiles, there are many factors that can cause the tiles to crack. So, what are the specific reasons for tile cracks, and what should be paid attention to from the selection, inspection and maintenance of tiles?

First of all, it is the purchase of ceramic tile products before decoration. As the saying goes, the right choice is the beginning of success. Choosing the right high-quality ceramic tiles is also the first step to ensure the service life of ceramic tiles. The direct cause of tile cracking in most households is the hollowing phenomenon of the tiles, and it is more common in wall tiles. The tile hollowing is mainly caused by excessive water absorption by the tiles. Therefore, when choosing ceramic tiles, we must pay attention to choosing products with low water absorption.

Secondly, the construction and paving of tiles. Many owners do not understand the ceramic tile china paving construction process, and more often rely on the professionalism of the construction master, and did not pay special attention to the decoration and acceptance, resulting in the hidden danger of tile cracking. It is true that the owner does not need to master the tile laying process, but the acceptance skills should be mastered, such as whether there is a proper gap between the tiles. In addition, the basic treatment before laying the tiles, improper cutting of tiles, as well as the amount of glue and improper edging operations during laying will also affect the subsequent cracking of the tiles.

It is worth noting that if the ceramic tiles alternate between hot and cold for a long time, such as a large temperature change near the boiler and other heat sources, the frequent thermal expansion and contraction will also cause the tiles to crack. In addition, there are some external forces that can also cause wall tiles to crack, such as being hit by the gravity of the decoration next door.

If the tiles have small cracks, and they are only in the corners of the home that are difficult to detect, and do not affect the practicality and aesthetics, then the problem may not be big. However, if the tiles have obvious cracks, or are in a conspicuous place waiting for people to pick up passengers in the living room, it will not only reduce the service life of the tiles, but also affect the aesthetics of the overall space.

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