Price of ceramic tile of bell decorate construction

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
Online will now have a lot of information about the price of ceramic tile bell decorate construction, from the price of ceramic tile of bell in decorate construction information we can come to the conclusion that a lot about the price of ceramic tile bell decorate construction maintenance knowledge, the following is about the price of ceramic tile bell to you talk about decorate construction materials. Bill how to decorate construction ceramic tile? 1, find level, line. According to the design requirements, in all around metope popup actual elevation control line, on the concrete floor leveling level ash cake, play line for China, the day before the construction of the ground water embellish at the grass-roots level. 2, mirror brick shall be selected before the shop is stuck. According to the actual requirements of the order, on the part of the tile floor tile to engineering field to try to check the ground plane size is in accordance with the requirements, and the nature of floor tile decorative pattern and color to choose. 3, pop-up shop line on the ground. 4, try to play after line, should be to lay several main benchmark for reinforcement. General using regression method in both sides laying in the middle, and the first, and then to finally call it a day. 5, mirror floor tile should be water wet before the shop is stuck, then air-dried spare, on the leveling layer evenly brush a layer of cement slurry, increases with the increasing brush shop, use & ge; 20 mm thick 1:3 dry cement mortar for bonding layer, add a layer of thin slurry after compaction. After floor tile placed with a rubber mallet percussion, both to achieve laid standard height, and to make the mortar leveling &compaction bonding layer. 6, the floor tile on the shop is stuck to level off, line straight, set correctly, floor tile, and between edge and corner column against the wall, should be closely relevant to, can not have space. 7 and maintenance. Floor tile shop is stuck, in principle, it is forbidden to trample in 24 hours, the car or put sundry, prevent loose floor tile, compact space. After 24 hours, sprinkling water should be 1 - 2 times, to supplement the mortar in the process of hardening the required moisture, strong guarantee of tile and mortar layer binding. 8 and caulking. After the maintenance period ( Or engineering before delivery) Must be carefully clean up the floor tile surface, with scraper open flat-fell seam. Mix well with the same cement floor tile color caulking. Embedded and wipe up, make dense aperture is clean, the same color. 9, finished product protection. The construction after the ground should be clean, waxes for protection, cannot use sharp scratch the surface of the brick, should not be allowed to impact with heavy, oily color shall not be used in nostalgia. 10 and quality requirements. Uniform surface roughness allowable deviation & le; Seam height difference between 2 mm, ground tile deviation shall not be greater than zero. 5mm。 Above is small make up for all concluded about the price of ceramic tile bell to decorate construction of some of the content, the hope can help to you.
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