Rice white ceramic tile is how to match

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-21
Decorate in the bridal chamber, many owners will choose ceramic tile to stick to a partial metope processing and decoration. Such as toilet, kitchen and balcony area. Posted in addition to the quality of a material and ceramic tile, smoothness, different color also is varied. Now a lot of people is becoming more and more high to the requirement of daylighting and show bright, therefore, the ceramic tile of light color fastens popular. Small make up today to introduce you to rice white ceramic tile stick. ( Rice white ceramic tile) The characteristics of rice white ceramic tile stick in general, white is a joker color, give a person the feeling is pure, without impurities. But white color match sometimes unavoidably looks a bit dull nature. So white slowly became a darling in the minds of many, is not as high as white saturation, more soft feeling, also can like pure white, very joker. And rice white ceramic tile stick both in building outside wall to use, or used in indoor area of the toilet or kitchen, etc, can be well with the surrounding colors a harmonious collocation. Rice white ceramic tile stick first, how to match with other colors. Rice white ceramic tile stick is basically universal color, no matter what color and very joker. Use in the kitchen, for example, can be worn with brunet ambry, such as dark blue, brown, etc. , can also and the collocation fastens with color, such as milk, coffee color, baby blue, and so on. If it is used in toilet, then can match the color of the floor, or the floor of pure color, are all very article association. Second, with household master individual character is tie-in. If the host is a lively and outgoing personality, so the ceramic tile of the white rice stick can be served with a few warm color bright color, for example, red, yellow, orange, and so on. If the host is composed of introversion personality, you can try to phase modulation and brunet or cool color is tie-in, for example, gray, light blue, black, and so on. How, look small make up the collocation method, think rice white ceramic tile stick almost omnipotent ah, in fact as long as you heart, you'll find all sorts of different collocation way, after all is rice white ceramic tile to stick a joker basis is tonal, can be adapted to other style and color of the household, you can safely use bold in decorating in the home. ( Rice white ceramic tile)
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