Rust with ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-09
Rust adhesion on the ceramic tile not only destroyed the whole space aesthetic feeling, but also it is difficult to remove. Small make up by collecting relevant information, found that there are many ways can easily remove the rust on these tiles, and only need at home food, condiment, daily necessities and so on is ok! ( Rust tile) First to know belongs to calcium carbonate material ceramic tile, since rust already seep into the inside, will explain the stain has been not just stay on the surface of ceramic tile, suggest that can use some acid solution to wipe, such as vinegar, oxalic acid, or even clean lavatory spirit and so on also can achieve the effect. 1, oxalic acid solution. If with oxalic acid solution in the home, can brush on the ceramic tile of rust on three or four times, until the rust removing, and then wear plastic gloves, wash clean with clear water. 2, vitamin C tablets. Home if you have the rest of the vitamin C tablets, can take a few out on the gauze wrapped inside, and then with a rolling pin crushed into at the end of the fall into the water to melt blending, As far as possible some high concentrations) Use the brush, then pour on the rust, and until the rust away, then rinse with water. 3, soap. This method is relatively simple and not expensive, take home of soap to the rust on the ceramic tile, and also is to use brush, but make a little strength, while brush with a little water, until the rust removal. 4, toothpaste. Suggest take bad use toothpaste, inexpensive, fast expiration ( That is a waste) To ceramic tile rust daub on two or three layers, and then use the brush, until the rust removal. 5, professional rust remover. To compare stubborn, rust year a long ceramic tile, can go to the hardware store to buy some evil professional rust remover, hold the nozzle, the spray on the ceramic tile with rust on one or two times, and then wear plastic gloves to scrub, generally can be removed, the final rinse off with clear water. Use these acidic solution, however, need to pay attention to the following 2 points, I also remind everyone here: first of all, some strong corrosive liquid don't use a lot of, otherwise it will cause great damage to ceramic tile, finally also unavoidable to replace ceramic tile, is trouble and effort. Protection work also to do well, gloves, masks, less glasses what all don't, some acid liquid will not only hurt the tile itself, even cause damage to human body, everybody needs to take note, don't direct contact. If ceramic tile just just from rust soon, of course, but also not penetrate into the internal, suggestion can solve it this way, they usually use toothpaste or vitamin water solution is also very good cleaner, can be sprinkled on the surface of ceramic tile, and then use the brush to brush a few times more, the effect is good, and will not damage the glazed tile, you can say it's very convenient to use. ( Rust tile)
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