SAN shek wan pottery marble tiles

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-28
SAN shek wan pottery - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Overland ceramics foshan, is a large, important ceramic production base in China, and SAN shek wan pottery and porcelain is foshan, a beautiful 'business card'. Is because of the SAN shek wan pottery and porcelain, enjoy the 'southland pottery' title; Today is because of the SAN shek wan, to form the developed on the basis of SAN shek wan extension of 'big foshan ceramics' the concept of the regional economy. In 2004, foshan buddhist city SAN shek wan street by China building materials industry association, ceramic net of person of outstanding ability, China building materials association awarded the 'China ceramic town', caused the social from all walks of life. In December 2005, foshan city of zen ceramics industry was listed in 'the first cluster upgrading demonstration area of guangdong province'. SAN shek wan has always have 'southland ceramic capital' reputation, there are ancient ceramic culture, is an important part of lingnan culture. As early as the neolithic age in the primitive society, is the history of ceramics, the tang and song dynasties is very developed, its height of Ming and qing dynasties, since the Ming dynasty, the art of SAN shek wan chahai, building garden ceramics, handicraft pottery etc have been exported. After the reform and opening, SAN shek wan pottery and porcelain is wider, more diverse varieties and larger scale. In foshan cost-effective brand of polishing brick, Overland worthy of the name. Cost performance is the key of the nowadays people prefer polishing brick standard, especially the price of each type of polishing brick, noting that the generally high public installed cost is larger, price is even more become the main measure. According to people's consumption psychology, formulate marketing strategy, continuously improve product performance, reasonable control of the pursuit of product technology innovation, and cost, and this become the main means of Overland runoff ceramics market. As these features in Overland is significant: the characteristics of the polishing brick: no radioactive element, basic can be controlled without chromatic aberration, and resistance to bending strength, brick thin and light weight. Archaize brick features: varieties, design and color, complete specifications, practicability, according to the design and color design, it is important to prevent slippery. Glazed ceramic tile features: polishing brick, and archaize brick, ceramics three products advantages, product fully released glazed brick color Ann widely implicitness, solve the defects of the edition throw tile is easy to hide the dirt with the polishing brick and the glossiness of ceramic hardness, but also have the glaze high imitation effect of archaize brick, and ceramics glaze color printing effect. Marble features: stable physical surface no burrs, high mechanical precision, rust magnetically insulated. Exquisite material particles evenly the crystal granularity a kaleidoscope of thickness. Land resources are widely distributed, softer than granite. For interior decoration.
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