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sc300 SGIV715P860
Brand name:Overland
MOQ:Full Container Loading
Material:Porcelain tile
OEM Availability:Yes
Payment Term:T/T, L/C, O/A
Place of Origin:China

Quartz is a kind of mineral that can easily become liquid when heated or pressed. It is also a very common rock forming mineral, which is found in all three types of rocks. Because it crystallizes the last in igneous rock, it usually lacks complete crystal surface and is mostly filled in the middle of other pre crystallized rock forming minerals.







antibacterial ,anti-mold , anti-mildew
color consistency
Heat  Resistance
Maintenance Low
Non-porous, Non-absorbent
Good to househoid cleaners
Scratch Resistance
Stain Resistance
Strength & Durability
Manufacturer-Backed Guarantee




Product glory



High hardness, not easy to scratch



Product features



Surface Texture of Natural Advanced Materials
Solid texture, easy cleaning, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impermeability




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