Selection of floor tile indoor when decorating, remember to tip

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-24
According to the brand awareness and credibility of word of mouth to judge the merits of the floor tile. Some small-scale production manufacturer to make mad price competition by lower production costs, production of goods is not environmental protection, not up to standard, the shop is on the wall, the ground of pollutants is likely every tianwei association with human body health. Surface of the tile after a year of refute, creased gradually, could not bear to look straight. Therefore advise buyers is still choose well-known brand brick. According to the communication of information, good friends and so on marketing channel of information content, selected to suit their own brands. Floor tile is decorated in the family main material and the proportion of very large, is the mainstream of wei yu decorate building materials products, floor tile is still is the key to the sitting room, balcony and so on site building decoration materials, considering the buyers of floor tile XieJiao little, there is a widespread part will miss in the selected according to the visual look smooth floor tile quality high cleanliness of the commodity, tonal and authentic, hang dirty scale is not easy, easy to clean, the cleaning performance is good. Judgment can be selected under the relatively strong light source, viewed from the side seriously goods surface reflection, with surface no tiny sand holes and hemp dot, or sand holes and hemp dot a few as well. High brightness index of goods to choose the high quality of high quality raw material and very good glaze glaze layer processing, light reflection performance good, uniform distribution, thus make the visual effect is good, looks like commodities higher. Know about the floor tile design pattern design style. According to touch and feel on porcelain sound judgment. When selecting in the surface layer gently caresses, feel very smooth and fine as well. Will also be able to touch the opposite, feel the 'sand' subtle attrition feels had better. The same specifications products, good quality and high density of brick grip is relatively heavy, on the other hand, grip is slightly inferior quality goods. In addition, you can also use hand taps ceramic tile surface, generally good ceramic tile material by the thrum of the taps are relatively clear. And if the sound is thick and echo stretch like the sound of taps 3-ton bell, the high degree of vitrified, wear resistance, high flexural strength, bibulous rate is low, is not susceptible to environmental pollution; If sound mixing dumb, the low degree of vitrified ( Even widespread cracks) , poor abrasion resistance and low flexural strength, bibulous rate is high, very vulnerable to environmental pollution. According to the season and famous brands from mong preferential promotions time order. Indoor decoration hot season each well-known brands often have a promotion plan. Floor in hot season pick saved purse namely, because in the appropriate seasonal shop sticks ceramic tile and ensure the product quality. As part of the domestic famous brand ceramic tile will launch a very powerful preferential promotion preferential scheme. Should read when used in floor tile manufacturers. Heavy credit, heavy service management of manufacturers in general there will be a very detailed instructions. Buyers use the lubricious number that outer packing should examine to indicate before, if your order size specifications, whether does the brick that is the same as uniform number have off color, break the blemish such as. Only use same quality, just can use adjacent color color of date in order to color uniform.
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