Shop sticks ceramic tile to notice what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-07
In household decoration, ceramic tile is a common decoration materials. And shop sticks ceramic tile is very important, once the shop is stuck in the process must not when, can make whole bedroom lost the beautiful sex, but also will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Today we take a look at shop sticks ceramic tile need to notice? 1, the indoor ground stone commonly used for polishing plate, about 20 mm of thickness, the current sheet, around 10 mm thickness, suitable for home decoration. Each size in 300 mm to 300 mm to 500 mm to 500 mm. Can use sheet and 1:2 cement mortar mixed 107 glue shop is stuck. 2, cleaned cement mortar leveling the ground calibration at the grass-roots level is high, the elastic line sheet material soaking wet install standard block paving tile stone cement mortar seam filling and cleaning maintenance and commissioning. 3, basic level processing to clean, rugged place to chisel and repair, the basic unit should be clean, cannot have mortar, especially the lime slurry ash, oil, etc. , and water wet ground. When ceramic tile shop is stone, the sitting room must put standard block, standard piece shall be placed in the reticle intersection, diagonal installation. 4, shop operation to each row in turn hang line, the stone must be soaking wet, air-dried after rubbing on the back of the net. Stone, ceramic brick pavement maintenance is very important, after installation must sprinkler maintenance after 24 hours, after the shop towel cover sawdust curing. 5, before the shop is stuck to trial spell plank, and flowers, the color and number, with the laying out of the ground color is consistent. 6, stone must be wetted air-dried. So as not to affect the condensation sclerosis, produce the problem such as empty drum, a shell, after the completion of the shop is stuck, not here in 2 ~ 3 days. Shop sticks ceramic tile to notice what is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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