Shopping malls should be what kind of ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-26
Mall people, the ground is decorated is very important, will affect the market effect of the shop is stuck, will also affect the safety of the customers. Ceramic tile market one of the most common decoration materials, the floor tile of type very much. Ceramic tile design and color is much texture, can provide the range of choice is very big, according to the material can be divided into the glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, etc. MG8019PA- Glazed ceramic tile - 800 x800 type ceramic tile characteristics 1, connect body brick abrasion resistance, long service life, including the ground slippery ability is very obvious, is the most suitable market of ceramic tile, but resistance is not too good. 2, terrazzo, anti-fouling prevent slippery ceramic tile abrasion resistance and anti-aging, market price is not high, but the pattern is unitary. 3, bo changes a brick, glass mirror, adornment effect is good, but I can't skid resistance, and life will not long. 4, matte tile surface skid resistance, good resistance to fouling, wear resistance, low, but the market price is on the high side. 5, glazed tile color texture is very much, anti-fouling ability is strong, but I don't wear resistance. MG8058PA- Glazed ceramic tile - 800 x800 how to choose the most appropriate ceramic tile, exterior colour and lustre is 1 to uniform distribution, the surface color and roughness is better, Except special technology) , especially in polishing grinding ceramic tile to add more attention to their color, colour and lustre is higher, its exquisite polishing grinding technology is superb, compared to the higher hardness, and low water absorption, the higher the resistance to wear. 2, anti-pollution ability is better. On the surface of ceramic tile or drop a drop or two of ink colored water, after half an hour with a wet cloth to wipe the, if have obvious mark its easy ooze. If you don't leave any impression, prove its good ability to resist pollution. 3, bibulous rate is up to the standard. Bibulous rate is lower, the higher the density of their products, it's not that easy to penetrate. Usually multicolor ceramic tile is less than 10%; Unglazed ceramic tile ( Including polishing brick) Can't do more than 0. 5%; A glazed tile is less than 1%. 4, listen to the ceramic tile of voice: how about the ceramic tile of inner product quality, by watching is invisible, tapping methods are available, and the judgement from the voice. Style is numerous, Overland ceramics as fifteen years enterprise production and operation of ceramic tile ceramic tile factory - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price and high quality service, thus obtain the size of the engineering across the world, home of the order, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the fashion constantly progress, launch all kinds of new style for you. Welcome consultation: - 86 757 - 87678922 ( With WeChat)
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