Sitting room metope is decorated, you know how best monolithic ceramic tile specification is

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-24
Home before decorate, may the metope of the sitting room directly batch of white paint. But as can be applied to the sitting room metope adornment material, more and more, the tile on the wall is now a relatively popular in the design and application. Some families may be only in the local metope of the sitting room, such as TV, a sofa, a porch metope, make setting wall ceramic tile. Also some families, and even the whole sitting room metope is covered with tile. More common, is likely to be in the following part of the sitting room metope ceramic tile, the part of the brush emulsioni paint. Whether adopt what kind of way, however, the owner will face the same problem: how to choose that's sitting room metope ceramic tile, is there any requirement in specification size, need to pay attention to? Generally speaking, because the space of the sitting room itself size, relative to other domestic space is big, the length of a single wall also than other metope of the space length. So when considering of the sitting room metope brick, by measuring the first, a clear understanding of the area of the sitting room metope size. According to measuring data of brick, you do need to choose the specifications of the monolithic ceramic tile size. To reduce the number of generated when the shop is stuck ceramic tile aperture, adornment effect is more beautiful, and when used in daily life are more likely to make hygiene, suggest that choose sitting room metope monolithic ceramic tile area & ge; 0. 2㎡。 From now to decorate with more and more common sitting room metope ceramic tile, specifications are mostly in the 600 & times; 600 ( ㎜) The size of the above. With the popularity of large size ceramic tile in recent years, especially the ceramic tile of large plate, rock plate, are gradually applied in the metope of the sitting room. But for ordinary family is decorated, when large size ceramic tile were selected as the sitting room wall brick need careful, especially the size is more than 1000 ㎜ large size tiles. Although large size ceramic tile high-end atmosphere, but it is not suitable for all the family family, is not as long as the large size ceramic tile on the shop can show class. Large size ceramic tile is more suitable for large family sitting room metope adornment, the Pacific Ocean floor and villa. Through above according to the characteristics of the space of the sitting room offers on sitting room metope ceramic tile of the size of the planning and direction of choose and buy, reference for the owners of the prepared to buy ceramic tile. As for the metope of the sitting room is decorated, what is suitable for the size of the ceramic tile, there's no way to treat as the same, must pass through the field measurement space the size of the area, and combining with the sitting room decorate a style to decide. The owners when the choice, should be more starting from the actual situation of the home is decorated, not compare not blindly follow, live within our means, rational consumption.
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