Six of the advantages of porcelain tiles

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-30
Low bibulous rate is bibulous rate is low, it is only 0. Less than 08%, only for the European standard and natural stone material - 1/30 1/5, all year round use, no discoloration, trace always like new. High wear resistance system, the high temperature burn becomes mo type hardness of 8, wear resistance for & lt; 150 mm3, good wear-resisting degree of ceramic tile. Uniform size using computerized production and inspection equipment, strict quality management, uniform size flat, easy construction. Acid in the process of industrialization, the most serious acid rain, has become the main cause of industrial pollution of the environment, by high temperature firing porcelain tile, acid and alkali resistance, no stains, easy to clean. No radiation select advanced ceramic tile material, no radiation, break the human use of natural stone material must be exposed to radiation and the absorption of radon gas, affect the physical and mental health of fate, to create zero harm the natural space, is the safety of the landmark building materials. Zero pollution USES natural stone material, green environmental protection no pollution, more strict control of production process, to achieve zero pollution to the environment.
Collectively, the effect of tile company on industrial society has been to eliminate ceramic floor tile and drastically reduce the time long associated with ceramic floor tile.
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Time is one of the biggest challenges cited by manufacturing tile company.
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