Small ceramic tile of choose and buy knowledge

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-23
Glazed tile glazed pottery, so-called is burning in the brick surface with a layer of glaze, but because of the fire is not the same as raw materials, is divided into clay fire and porcelain clay fire. In general the glaze surface of the brick is easy to cleaning and maintenance, general kitchen, toilet metope to use more. 1. to choose which good? Is bibulous rate is lower, the quality is better? A lot of net friend said to me, they choose ceramic tile is according to the water absorption, because everybody says bibulous rate is lower, the better the quality. It's really is? For a grain of salt, bitter said strictly speaking, this right is not comprehensive. Because according to the position of tile ceramic tile is different, is different to the requirement of the water absorption of ceramic tile. Like floor tile, national standards for water absorption is E 0 or less. 5%. The smaller the value, the greater the density, the more easily penetrated. Being the wall brick, the bibulous rate is between 10% or less E 16% or less in accordance with national standards. Because need vertical brick wall brick, it must require certain adhesive, bibulous rate is too low to stick instability, the late wall brick cracked peeling easy to happen. 2. Ceramic tile price difference is so big, exactly what is the difference? Good or bad about the same, buy cheap is not can use the same! A bitter said, now, ceramic tile stores will be various between example, look very much the same effect after the shop is stuck! ( Of course, I mean about the price of ceramic tile, if you don't want to take home the ceramic tile with M that kind of big contrast, fool also know that your good! ) So bitter taught simple a few action, to identify the quality of ceramic tile. Knock one, two, three look easy to identify good ceramic tile. A bitter, because the back of hand is the sensitive parts of the body, with the back of hand to feel more intuitive feeling of ceramic tile surface. More good ceramic tile surface finish more good quality, no rough feel, touch with eggs as slippery ~ but if it is to identify the following this to climb the wall brick, need not back, but to switch to the little finger abdomen to feel in the middle of the gap, the better the quality, feel the more slippery, don't make any block. ( Of course this is for the small square brick modeling crept of brick. This method is not applicable to do old treatment of ceramic tile. ) That knows body brick to connect body is actually a kind of don't glazed porcelain tiles, we often say the slippery wear-resisting brick refers to connect body brick. Polishing brick, bo changes a brick all belong to the brick. Bo changes a brick impact resistance is quite good, don't have to worry about completely hard off incised will break out of a pit pit. The downside is that pattern is too limited. Mosaic Ozzie and Harriet, and Mosaic left to say, the volume of this kind of brick is fairly small, hard and wear-resistant acid, non-friable. And because of its rich colors, create administrative levels feels very strong. Commonly used in small space of kitchen and toilet. Aspects of choose and buy much simpler than the previous two kinds of brick, is simply to see the style and cut of the ground. Touching the surface, then is knock, not directly with hard knock, knock but on knuckle. If you hear is quite clear, echo particularly loud and clear, this is definitely a good brick. If heard the rumbling of the low density of ceramic tile glaze effect is not good, easy to carry permeability, is the poor quality of the brick. Step is to see, this step is not all brick are common, mainly for the light brick. The surface reflective mirror, the higher the roughness, the line of light on the tile surface is more clear, clear image, it is not easy to deformation. ( If it is a copy version, so the shadow on the ceramic tile of the image will be blurred, line shape. Because of the fake just copy edition version, not reproduction process. ) See body is ceramic tile ceramic tile profile, body color is cloudy, the worse quality, shows that there are a lot of sediment in the middle. Good brick body is made of the qingzhen fire, close to white color. To see whether there are black spots, among the more black spots is a sign of fire time or temperature is not enough, there is no good oxidation, this kind of brick is equivalent to rawish meal, raw not cooked. Once on the wall is easy to crack. See ceramic tile on the back, especially pay attention to when choosing ceramic tile is on the back of the pattern are consistent, this will directly affect the collage, after suggest good choice factory original batch production. Or in a shop of choose and buy. 3. Try water experiment exactly how to do? Can you judge the permeability of ceramic tile? All know that ceramic tile all have certain bibulous rate, so the permeability of judge it good or bad, the first thought is to test the waters. This experiment is not science, but in fact, if the wax on the underside of the tile is still not permeate water droplets. So we observed in this experiment is not behind the ceramic tile not bibulous, but ceramic tile to stay in front of the watermark. 4. Big floor tile zha a choice? Have no what is recommended? For the working class people who haven't time to clean at ordinary times, color tile is a good choice, cheap, convenient cleaning. The body color don't have a layered body brick is cheap in bo changes a brick, brick belongs to the elimination of the ( But all born 80 kids know, this is the old house before decorate love a brick) Now buy this basic are elderly or rental housing decoration use, their head generally do not choose this kind of tile. Have requirements on quality of life of people, choose bo changes a brick, we suggest all glazed ceramic, microcrystalline, imitation jade texture pattern choice space relatively larger. ( Although these designs or can't see where to cut, but at least the performance-to-price ratio is high. ) Below the picture that is now body brick, in the brick surface wear-resisting layer, add a layer of crystal stronger hardness, prevent infiltration, scratch-resistant flowers better.
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