Small ceramic tile ones with the carpet of brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-04
When the family is decorated, always walk in front of the soft outfit hard outfit. In hard outfit is decorated in, mainly including the decorate decorate metope and ground. Among them, the materials used in the ground is decorated, mainly including the ceramic tile, wooden floor and carpet. The owners shall, in accordance with the home decorate a style, and to choose of oneself be fond of. However, limited by its practicality, less carpet decorate in the family in application. Carpet elegant adornment effect, however, many owner to leave again. In order to meet the demand of the market, carpet brick as a new kind of ceramic tile kind arises at the historic moment, it is compatible with both the carpet decorative effect and the practical performance of ceramic tile, so was welcomed by many owners. Today, small make up to introduce the carpet tiles and its advantages and disadvantages. Carpet tile is named according to its adornment effect, belongs to the decorative ceramic tile, realistically simulate the carpet on texture pattern adornment effect. Its advantages, mainly reflected in it as a ceramic tile is practical, and has the beautiful decoration of carpet. As everybody knows, carpet in use process has many disadvantages, such as waterproof, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew; Not anti-fouling, shelter evil people and practices easily, bacterium, and daily maintenance and cleaning to do more troublesome. For owners prefer carpet, when choosing the ground to decorate material always struggle. However, if the use of carpet tiles, but do not have these problems. As a kind of ceramic tile, carpet tile not only moistureproof and waterproof, also has the fouling resistance, easy to clean, and the advantages of long service life. At the same time, based on the fusion the adornment effect of carpet, carpet tiles is further optimized. Its surface is bright and clean bright, light sensitivity compared carpet is higher; Design and color is diversiform, style variety, can be applied to different decoration style; Texture clear, smooth texture, able to bear or endure look more over a long period of time. Carpet tile rich colors style, full of luster, elegance and fashion, enough to make the ground is decorated more family novel and chic. Carpet tiles do have many advantages, but it is also the existence of congenital defects. Although, carpet tiles to realistically reduction carpet, and can also be possible to present a soft, delicate texture, bring a person relaxed, comfortable feel at home. Carpet tiles as tile itself, however, made it difficult to overcome feels hard and cold. At present, the carpet tiles are often used in the family is decorated in the sitting room, dining-room space, as a local adornment, also have the effect of divided into different function areas. To apply to domestic outfit style, whether it is Jane European style, contemporary and contracted style, can meet the application of carpet tiles.
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