Small ceramic tile ornament, become a family to decorate appearance of level artist

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-03
Decorate in the family the matter, each family has its own plan and direction, the household different owners have different aesthetic and preferences, and even the same family, between different members also decorate often have different opinions. Big to about the whole family to decorate the style, or a small to a specific product collocation and choose ceramic tile, it's easy to have ambiguity. Is able to reach a consensus, however, normally most of the owners want their family is decorated can be different, with some of the more unique, more wonderful. Puzzled many owners are, however, in the face of the full of beautiful things in eyes on building materials market, homogeneityphenomenon serious ceramic tile products, how to make your own family is decorated more tricks on ceramic tile application, neither destroy whole style is unified, and can reveal personality and characteristics? See more popular ceramic tile, these small ceramic tile you need to look at. Small ceramic tile of cement block in the home improvement industry there is a kind of built with cement bricks, also known as & other; Cement block & throughout; , general is to work site to build by laying bricks or stones wall. Cement ceramic tile on the market, however, refers to imitate the cement ground adornment effect of the type of ceramic tile, and name it neutral gray tone, low-key gentle texture, as well as your natural dry crack texture. Cement block adornment effect, very suitable for use in a minimalist style, contemporary and contracted style household space of the building. Small ceramic tile of the metal tile brick and cement block, are simulated a kind of texture and texture of archaize brick. Metal brick features lifelike imitation metal texture, surface pattern is more abundant, can show different metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper is not the same appearance; And the cold touch of ceramic tile, can be very close to the metal cold. Metal brick style building is often used to industry. Small ceramic tile of tile even in small ceramic tile, tile is also very bright eye, is a very distinctive ceramic tile. Tiling of small size, texture design mostly is given priority to with flowers and plants, or geometry, often used in the balcony decoration or ornament of local space, such as the waist line, and a lot of time can by joining together the design into a variety, its distinctive decorative pattern. Through the above introduction, believe everybody the characteristics and application of small ceramic tile has a certain understanding! Cement brick, metal, brick, tile, although small, but adornment effect is strong, large area of the shop is stuck or local ornament, can create more characteristic of household space! A family to decorate homogeneity worry? Want to create unique personalized household, small ceramic tile decoration application!
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