Small ones with ceramic tile of tiling

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-03
Decorate in the family for a long time, the owners choose ceramic tile as decorative materials, pay more attention to its practical, aesthetic requirements for adornment effect is not so high. However, with the constant improvement of the level of material, make people pay more and more attention to the quality of life to enjoy, thus appeared the trend of household consumption upgrade, when choosing ceramic tile is in addition to pay attention to quality, and more the pursuit of high level design appearance. In this context, adornment effect is prominent tiling, received more attention in the home market. So, what is the tile, it has the characteristic which? As has been anonymous tiling, why was welcomed by more and more the owner? Decorate in the family in, we should how to apply tile? Learned about ceramic tile owners know, very many different kinds of ceramic tile. And, most of the ceramic tile size in 600 & times; More than 600 ㎜ and modelling design is given priority to with rectangular, pattern of design and color is more popular. However, in numerous ceramic tile, tile still is very unique and outstanding, not only the small size, and has the unique modelling design such as hexagon brick. At the same time, the use of different production technology and advanced technology, tile also can simulate all kinds of different materials, presents a more colorful texture pattern of design and color and texture. Such as leather texture tiling, and name it can vivid every detail for the reduction of leather products, break through the conventional ceramic tile of the feeling of cold hard, soft, comfortable visual effect. Because of tile has the very strong personalized decorative characteristics, are often used at local adornment, adornment ornament effect; Or other plain coloured tiles and mix together the shop is stuck, let a person shine at the moment. In addition, because of the specifications of the tile is small, modelling is chic, decorate in practical applications, can also through the different pavement design, match a distinctive pattern effect. In home outfit process, tiling is often used in the sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, toilet, balcony and porch space. And different family function area application tiling collocation, can play a different role. When applied to the sitting room and dining-room, the ground under the table can be used as a tea table local adornment; Applied in the kitchen, can be in the metope shop is stuck behind the cabinet appliances, stain resistant and good-looking; When applied to the toilet, can in metope brick, to distinguish the different functional areas. Through the above introduction to tile characteristics and application of visible, tile from tepid to be more and more widely applied, without its decorative, individuation and diversification. Tiling is so popular, of course, and also about the style of the joker.
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