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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-12
Soft compared with traditional ceramic tile, ceramic tile, as a new building material has many advantages, its high quality of a material soft elastic, completely changed the traditional ceramic tile hard cold sense in people's mind, then decorate with a soft ceramic tile or ceramic tile good? ( A) Soft ceramic tile 1, elastic: walking the foot feels comfortable is higher, without the traditional ceramic tile is hard and cold, the silencing effect is also very good, very suitable for indoor walking barefoot, relieve feet fatigue, favorable growth of bones of children and the elderly knee protection. 2, moisture resistance, moistureproof performance is superior, in the south of the plum rain season, when hard ceramic tile, stone and glass & other; The sweat & throughout; Soft ceramic tile is still dry and pleasant; Even if don't slide ground water. 3, light body thin, can reduce the transportation and inventory costs as high as 80% above; 3% per 100 square meters house decorate, can save a space. 4, easy construction, external renovation, no broken old base, construction is convenient, no garbage output in short time, low cost, easy to transport. ( 2) Ceramic tile 1, bibulous rate, bibulous rate is lower, the more difficult due to climate change heat bilges cold shrink cracking or peeling off. 2, good quality, good smoothness of ceramic tile, the surface don't bend, newborn, easy construction, flat on the ground after construction. Flexural strength, good abrasion resistance and high pressure resistance, not easy to wear and tear, experience is long cover is new, suitable for use in public places. 3, easy to clean: under the condition of the ground is dirty, the sitting room is easy to clean ceramic tile, can wipe gently, clean after cleaning. Soft ceramic tile or ceramic tile good is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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