Space application design has exquisite marble tile family

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-26
Since 2015, marble tile, with irresistible attitude in sweeping all the way home decoration industry, rapid development. Many high-end residential consumers are around friends and family, amway heard similar & other; High-grade decoration need not marble, use marble tile & throughout; This slogan. As adornment effect or style characteristic of ceramic tile products, marble tiles do have their own uniqueness, applicable scope is very broad. So, marble tiles is mainly used in which space and scene, practical applications need to pay attention to decorate what respect? Family inside the main function of the area, usually including the sitting room, kitchen, dining-room, bedroom, bathroom and a balcony. In accordance with the applicable household space, marble tile used for sitting room, dining-room, bedroom and bathroom. The sitting room is not just a member of the family interaction of the main places, and treats others service. Of the sitting room decorate a design, master life grade is often represents a household and aesthetic aspirations. Mimic natural stone texture and texture of marble tile, natural tiancheng, design and color is rich, contracted and the atmosphere can be built, the high grade space atmosphere, household level. Moreover, marble tile high gloss, to improve and enhance the living room ambient light. Restaurant is a family at the end of the day's work, put down the busy and tired, sit to eat together and communicate function area, plays a very important role in household. Applied to ceramic tile, marble dining room is given priority to with warm color attune, foil gives a warm cozy family atmosphere, can let a person more relaxed. When the choice, should be the priority choice of elegant tone, light color fastens can not only visual effect is soft, can also extend the space of dining-room, appear more spacious open. In contrast, bedroom and bathroom are more private space. As individuals most often stay in the space, the decoration of the bedroom, usually in combination with the interests of the residents, living habits and decoration and design. However, the biggest function of the bedroom is living to rest, so if you choose marble tile, it is recommended to use texture of design and color is not too complicated, or pure color, avoid large area of the shop is stuck, clutter, flowery cause visual discomfort and fatigue. Is limited by the space of the bathroom environment characteristics, tend to choose light color fastens, high brightness of the marble tile products. Because in this way can make bathroom space presents bright and clean bright effect. Of course, in the concrete when the choose and buy, and according to their own home bathroom lighting situation to make a decision. And, also notice to choose waterproof non-slip performance better marble tiles.
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