Stick a bathroom tile explanation

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-14
About the bathroom tiles, a stick is a lot of people are very interested in one aspect, the following is to arrange for you some information about stick a bathroom tile explanation, hope these information about stick the bathroom tiles, a useful for everyone. Bathroom with ceramic tile? 1, the bathroom floor to prevent slippery ceramic tile. The general is the floor tile of dumb smooth surface or shallow convex-concave modelling. 2, bathroom tile should choose glazed pottery. This kind of ceramic tile surface coated with a layer of coloured glaze, color is rich, and easy cleaning and maintenance. 3, bathroom tile should choose ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low. Ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, can quickly dry. Water absorption of ceramic tile after heat bilges cold shrink can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile and floor tile of wall of spalling. 4, and then there is the quality of ceramic tile. It is self-evident, but it is also important. Decorate the bathroom is in order to enjoy life, no one was willing to enjoy the time also must pay the cost of health. Some ceramic tile quality closes nevertheless, its raw materials produced by the decay of the chemical elements ray, will produce certain harm to human body. So, when decorating, be sure to choose some quality brand. How to waterproof bathroom tile? 1 and the bathroom ceiling with microporous aluminous gusset plate, in order to strengthen ventilated and prevent condensate, moistureproof effect is better. If do plasterboard condole supports, should first brush waterproof putty. Waterproof paint is brushed again, use PVC condole carries on the simple condensed water, and the dropping, so be careful. 2, the floor tile of wall of the bathroom, or stone laying should do waterproof under the surface, when cement mortar will choose the ground leveling, with good quality waterproof coating, then spread a layer of cement mortar as a combination of layer 1 than 2. Will act the role of material such as floor tile shop is stuck up, after through the water, with boards made, and the joint close to flat strong. To deal with the ground surface water to the slope to the floor drain, not water, no water, the 24 when no leakage before water storage experiments. 3, bathroom pipe device should try to prevent changes was up and down tube, it is necessary to do when decorate horizontal flat vertical, laying solid, slope meets the requirements. Floor drain design is still above the pipe way as the root, surface should be slightly lower than the ground, to introduce the choose and buy good quality against the stench, floor drain. The bathroom clean appliance to correct, bearing a device appliance on level. Bathroom appliances should pick a better product brand and waterproof function. ( Such as in a wet environment for a long time the use of the warm bath of lamp or bath bully, shell should be made of stainless steel, anticorrosive function better, and with waterproof power switch, cable and plug. ) Above is the small make up for everyone to sort out information about stick a bathroom tile explanation, hope these data can help to the owner's friends in need.
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