Stick a wall ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
All how to paste the tile on the wall first, before construction to check whether metope can meet the requirements of the shop is stuck all ceramic tile, check if there is any crack, metope empty drum, and so on and so forth. Also check the waterproof, such as hair, processing of metope is qualified or not. This, whether it is for other ceramics or complete ceramic tile, all can't be ignored, if want to the construction of the surface without handle, with rectification shop sticks ceramic tile again. Metope disposal of the hair, the hair effect is to make metope and increase the contact area between ceramic tile, so we are using cement mortar to ceramic tile shop sticks processing, hair must be made to the other processing after the hair, check the quality of the hair is also indispensable, because after processing, metope can't appear crack, burr raised, and so on and so forth, curing degree also shall conform to the requirements. Hair layer after drying solidification can shop sticks ceramic tile. Ratio of cement mortar is also need to pay attention to, in our family is decorated in, ceramic tile shop sticks with cement mortar is 32. 5 mp of Portland cement and sand. When ceramic tile shop is stuck, the mixing ratio of cement sand is 1:2. We often easy to overlook the problem is, metope is too dry, tend to absorb the moisture in the cement mortar, so that the cement mortar condenses ability becomes very low. Even before the shop is stuck, so remember to water of metope, make metope moist, this can avoid the situation of the cement mortar layer and ceramic tile appear to take off. In addition, if the moisture is absorbed by metope too fast, cement mortar solidification shrinkage rate and the shrinkage rate of metope, also make cement mortar and metope. Ceramic tile shop sticks preparation is complete, start shop sticks ceramic tile at all, to determine the level of good ceramic tile, the shop is stuck all ceramic tile using materials such as wood square well fixed, below avoid ceramic tile shop just go down. About how to paste the full tile on the wall, above the floor has a list of some process need to be aware of things, oneself also can stick after learning about the metope of the beautiful.
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