Stick a wall ceramic tile is the proper way to what?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
For sustainable development trend of big cities, large cities the regulation of the natural environment is also high. In order to make engineering construction look better, wall ceramic tile has become a development trend, the majority of the housing construction exterior walls are decorated with floor tile design, different tonal pattern design of the wall have different visual effect. So, stick a wall ceramic tile is the proper way to what? How to choose exterior wall tiles? A proper way, stick a wall ceramic tile: 1, stick a wall ceramic tile right way & ndash; — The basic solution. Wall construction whole process of the first step is to carry out the basic solution. Before the construction, make sure the wall to carry out the test. Inspection includes wall roughness and plane. If you found that the surface has a dent, you must add filling dent. Before batch of putty wall, be sure to clean up the surface layer of metope. 2, stick a wall ceramic tile right way & ndash; — Waterproof putty. Should be based on 1:4 and water cement ratio to carry out regulation. When the paste mixture, able to apply it. Be sure to immediately spray paint or spray paint on the stainless steel plate. Spray the thick in the middle of the 2 mm to 3 mm. If metope dry rashness, natural environment in tap water wet wall prior to construction. 3, stick a wall tile right way & ndash; — Coating of be bored with child. Bao hou generally is about 10 mm, every two days must be watered in wall, waiting for the batch of be bored with child. When it is dry mania to sixty percent or seven percent, to apply the second ash, its thickness is about 10 mm to 15 mm. Wipe after, you can apply long wooden ruler to remove it. When using the third time, its thickness as same as the first time. The next step is to stick wall tile. Second, how to choose exterior wall tiles? 1, the selected type. Available to the floor tile of wall decoration contains stone brick, wall floor tile, plastic arts high quality bread brick, etc. Different kinds of external wall tile decoration design is not the same as the actual effect and material completely. In general, all tile surface bright and clean, but not durable, colorful brick color, good abrasion resistance; The old brick restoring ancient ways is fashionable and elegant; Simple simple imitation brick, wall floor tile plastic arts beautiful durable, high quality tile fill fashion aura. 2, the difference between partial color. Exterior wall ceramic tile of choose and buy, should also pay attention to partial color on the surface of the ceramic tile. You can find some floor tile from the wall at random and will they join together, then you stand a bit further observation brick surface is tonal. If there is a prominent partial color, had better be to don't have to choose and buy, or you will harm the final paving the actual effect. Thank you for the last watch of brunei online information, see you next time!
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