Stick ceramic tile use what glue is better

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-21
In the process of home decoration, each link is to pay attention to pay attention to methods, and we at the time of ceramic tile, now generally use glue to paste. So stickup ceramic tile of choose and buy the glue, it is very necessary, among them about what are the types of ceramic tile adhesive? In the process of use, using method? Are we need to pay attention to these problems, so this small make up to introduce the content about what are the ceramic tile powder, what are the problems need attention and using method. ( Good stick ceramic tile use what glue) One, the introduction of ceramic tile adhesive ceramic tile adhesive, also known as ceramic tile adhesive or adhesive, adhesive cement, such as multiple names, is a modern decoration of new materials, replacing the traditional cement sand, glue bond is several times of cement mortar can effectively stickup ceramic tile of large stone, avoid the risk of falling bricks. Good flexibility, prevent the production of empty drum. Mainly used for stickup ceramic tile, brick, tile and other decorative materials, widely used in internal and external walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other places of building the veneer of decoration. Its main characteristic is high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, ageing resistance performance is good and the construction is convenient, is a kind of ideal material. Second, what are the classification of ceramic tile adhesive ceramic tile adhesive is generally divided into common type ( Models for 1) , strong type ( Model 2) And strong type ( Model for the 3) 。 The ordinary ceramic tile adhesive is commonly used in the variety of ordinary mortar or small pieces of wall tile floor tile adhesive; Strength type ceramic tile adhesives have stronger than ordinary adhesive bonding strength, and prevent the drop performance, suitable for binding power require relatively large metope ceramic tile, wood panels, etc. ; Strong type ceramic tile adhesive excellent flexibility, adhesive force is very large, more than strong, can effectively prevent heat bilges cold shrink to the damage of ceramic tile, are normally used for fiber board, gypsum board, plywood or old veneer bonding. Three, ceramic tile adhesive used method is the first step: wet construction wall, ground, wall, ground inside must maintain dry, wall, ground surface need to be flat, rugged or rough surface can be used to be leveled with cement mortar; Step 2: remove the grass-roots floating ash, oil stain, otherwise it will affect the ceramic tile adhesive bonding degree; Step 3: glue, water cement ratio is about 1:4, stir to mix well. Adhesive should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours ( When the temperature is higher, light enough to be finished in a shorter time) ; Step 4: to apply glue mixture on the back to the ceramic tile of laid, you push hard on the, until the ceramic tile surface level, within 15 minutes of ceramic tile on the shop can be by moving the correct position. Small make up to introduce the above is about the kinds of ceramic tile adhesive and what methods to use related issues. For this problem, I believe everyone through the study of the current content all have some understanding, we will know the kinds of ceramic tile adhesive with ceramic tile production development needs will be more and more, so we in the choice of its kind to note that when to we choose what kind of ceramic tile is clearly, so can choose suitable for ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive. ( Good stick ceramic tile use what glue)
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