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These exquisite stones, or weird stones, are big ones, such as Xiantao Peak, Bifeng, Old Man Peak and so on. These are also weird peaks in the world. They are named because of the vivid weird stones on these peaks. Small ones are like bonsai antiques such as monkey stones watching the sea, and kite fish eating snails and so on. Each stone is less than 3 meters in size. Inside, such as sculpture, interesting. Some strange stones change with the viewing angle, and the scenery changes with it. They have the interesting of changing scenery.

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For example, the golden cock on the side of Tiandu Peak calls Tianmen, and then looks eastward from Tianmen Kan. The stone scenery becomes the Five Old Cities. The magpie on the side of Shimen Creek climbs plum, and if viewed from the entrance of the leather tent, it becomes the finger. The stones are full of variety and interesting, like pictures. Pine trees resemble mighty soldiers. There is a stone on the top of the hill, like a boot, which is upside down on the stone platform. People call it sunning boots. On a steep hill, I saw a stone like a monkey crouching on the hill, looking at the endless sea of clouds. It was naughty and lovely. This is the interesting monkey view of the sea.