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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-09
Have owners home decoration, friends give he introduced the stone tile, hesitant he found a small make up, today small make up you understand this brand together with everybody. ( Stone tile) Stone tile quality was quite good, the price is about 50 to 150, the history of ceramic tile should be traced back to BC, at the time, the egyptians have begun to use ceramic tile to decorate the various types of housing. People will be dried in the sun or clay tile by using the method of baking to dry it, and then use extracted from copper color blue glaze, ceramic tile, tile, is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and is one of the kind of alkali resistant porcelain or stone construction or decoration materials, such as total is called ceramic tile. Its raw materials by the mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on. Has the high hardness and density, and therefore less susceptible to pollution, easy to clean, but also has the characteristics of weathering resistance. The quality of the brand products, has the following advantages: 1. Good rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance, temperature deformation is small. 2. Not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance convenience simple, long service life. 3. There will be no scratches, do not stop the constant temperature conditions, the can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature. 4. Clear pattern, design and color is bright, strong decorative pattern regularity. Stone tile and other ordinary bo changes a brick is what difference does it make a: tile grainy, line feeling particularly strong, look at tile surface, grain size if have if have no, far and near, there is a kind of natural marble stereo feeling, very majestic. The second is: brick face particularly pure, looks very uniform color, hue and soft, excessive natural shades suit. Three is: feel is exquisite, the hand touch feeling moist and smooth, since there is a touch jade, feel is good. Technology contributed to the progress of human civilization, and the excellence of a more perfect living space. Both household is decorated, and lights off design, even more than the ground tile exquisite, transmission of things perfect persistence. Is the bright, rich texture and layers of texture, natural and downy platinum brick, like a noble diamonds, leading the fashion luxury living space. Above is the small make up learned about some characteristics of the stone ceramic tile, want to know more welcome website message to share. ( Stone tile)
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