Talk about big board 750 x 1500 specification ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-24
With popular new plain aesthetics, the ceramic tile industry rise a modern minimalist fashion, and the echo, the ceramic tile on the expression of design and color texture, favours plain and texture, the specifications on the performance of ceramic tile, tend to 750 x 1500 mm. What is the charm, a 750 x 1500 specification ceramic tile, let consumers today, ceramic tile manufacturers small make up take you from the texture, such as cutting, overall the shop is stuck for a simple inquiry. Big board | TPGW157205 pegasus 750 x 1500 mm brick way from the shop is stuck, can have a variety of the shop is stuck, expresses the rich connotation of the space, large space changing the shop is stuck clever visual effect and good extension. Continuation of big plate of 750 x 1500 mm series concept, with stems from the nature, is based on the marble change myriad, particular ink-jet printing technology greatly enhance the products surface texture, exquisite texture acme restore natural stone material surface, real comfortable stone material surface and bright, with a stone multidimensional random space, new, pure, beautiful, rich space art and furniture interpretation of life. Is integrated Big board | TPGW157206 Venus use 750 x 750 x 1500 mm 1500 mm big plate of ceramic tile, in terms of scope, can be directly on the wall or the shakedown, also may carry on the shop is stuck, after cutting a tile multi-purpose, save construction materials. Big board | TPGW157207 adonis 750 x 750 x 1500 mm 1500 mm luster and moving the big board as shiny as jade, crystal clear, crystal dream, carrying enjoyable life dreams, enjoy the pursuit of the trend of The Times. Texture performance from a single piece of ceramic tile, 750 x 1500 mm rectangle tile texture good extension, atmosphere, complete texture. Big board | TPGW157209 Laurent black gold 750 x 1500 mm under the craft seem to be treasured, smooth texture easily led space atmosphere, fashion show individual special taste. In conclusion, from the various considerations can be concluded that the ceramic tile from brick to the big board luxuriant metamorphosis, 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile obvious advantages, natural consumers' hearts. See the big plate of ceramic tile recommend: how to improve fastest senior feeling at home? Set a big board table
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