Teach you how to correctly understand the glazed ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-10
All glazed ceramic tile is different from the common polished tile, the surface of ceramic glaze as special crystal glaze wear resistance, high temperature forging after burn completely sealed, molecular structure, basic can't find the gap to long-term durability always maintain high brightness not obscure, hardened wear resistance, the ceramic tile is becoming more and more bright, house when decorating, prompting more and more bright and clean bright beautiful, gorgeous. 1, all glazed ceramic tile used area. The sitting room, bedroom, study; Or is in the hotel hall on the ground, walls, cylinder, elevator, corridor; To commercial and office dry hanging wall of the marble, reception hall wall ground image wall design, elevator, etc can all glazed ceramic tile. 2, the glazed ceramic tile technology. Is glazed ceramic glaze color, its completely blank technology similar to ordinary porcelain glaze tile floor, is not the same as the key is that it is in after the end of glaze is printing design, to give more of a layer of transparent color glaze, calcine threw the whole surface glaze off after a retained part surface glaze, printed pattern layer, bottom glaze. 3, all the advantage of glazed ceramic tile. Full advantage of glazed ceramic tile: pattern design on the increasingly varied, colorful, a variety of breed of design and color, natural texture and texture. Service life is long, the whole cast the ceramic tile glaze the transparent glaze surface is relatively thick, not so easy to worn, and its service life is 3 times of ordinary powder tile. 4, all glazed ceramic tile. Mainly because of China's mainland full glazed ceramic tile production technology and equipment do not conform to the standard, the building of the glazed ceramic tile is not very ideal, now, after several years of development trend, the glazed ceramic tile design even better than before many, but still itself have the disadvantage of entities, such as pollution control ability is relatively weak, glazed ceramic tile on the surface of material too thin, very easy scratching cut, very easy to change shape, the whole class are mainly because of glazed ceramic tile production process is not mature. Full of glazed ceramic tile technology: full glazed ceramic was the embryo and the glaze on the surface of points 2 times firing, bottom embryo through the high temperature of 1250 degrees calcine; Main use: more applicable to premises, both at the same time indoor space also can accept ordinary family life, low maintenance cost. Resistance to wear dirty: all glazed ceramic tile glaze than microlite more resistant to wear and more resistant to dirt. All glazed ceramic tiles by themselves is a rich elegant noble enunciation of decorate a style, gorgeous pattern design, delicate and bright gloss, gives the whole cast glaze is luxuriant, elegant demeanor. 1, conscientious identification. All glazed ceramic highlight is characterized by a smooth light, a single brightness value as high as 104 degrees, ceramic tile is exquisite and smooth, colour collocation thick or gorgeous, pattern design and exquisite colorful. Identification, to carefully watch the luster of the comprehensive, with handle gently touch feeling gloss is needed. 2, the quality of the product. All glazed ceramic tile also need to measure water absorption and hear tapping sound, scratches and carefully watch the color on the surface of ceramic tile, concrete method is consistent with the vast majority. Although I think the price is relatively cheap '' mood. according but not, in the shop around at the same time, more should pay attention to is full of glazed ceramic products the quality of the product. 3, select all glazed ceramic tile set polishing brick to the style of smooth, bright and colorful of archaize tile pattern design in one, with a variety of artistic style series products, such as Western Europe art style, Chinese ancient Confucianism elegant artistic style, original distinctive artistic style, classic fashion, style and so on. Colour collocation and the design is the essence of glazed ceramic tile decoration design is of prime importance.
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