Teach you seven skills easily clean the kitchen toilet quickly

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-13
Cleaning the kitchen toilet has been a very headache. Too wet for a long time water is easy to lead to difficulties such as mold smell, water taps, shower shower, drainage pipeline, the position of the bathroom shower curtain and so on are very easy to accumulate dirt and stains, but it is very difficult to clean up. But not afraid, to introduce the next seven practical skills, let it be easily clean toilet cleaning. 1, how to quickly clean shower head, shower head is prone to the problem of surface layer and inner surface is very easy to full scale dirt, super weapon is vinegar to clean it. Particular way is mix the vinegar and water according to the percentage of 1:1, packed in plastic bags; Then unload the shower head to soak in a plastic bag and seal; Put out after 30 minutes, wash with hot water next, stains all have no! 2, how to quickly wash light water taps: shaving cream besmear to tap water faucet, then try to wipe with a wet towel, wash clean. Like this simple and practical, water taps can just like newly bought one module, shine! 3, how to quickly clean the bathroom mirror: still want to use & quot; Artifact & quot; Shaving cream, shaving cream on paper towels to clean the bathroom mirror, and then with a wet towel to wipe divide evenly bubble to the whole bathroom mirror, need to wash clean with water. 4, how to quickly clean the bathroom shower curtain, bathroom shower curtain yellow aspergillus in much more special, simply need not wash wipe clean with water, the trick here is in the whole process of washing add half a cup of baking soda, and 30 minutes to start job, then hang up the natural dry. 5, how to quickly clean the bathroom floor tile: first according to the percentage of 1:1 mixing water and vinegar or bleach, using spray bottled up. Shake, various compatibility; Then spray bottle of liquid onto the surface of floor tile, of course, there is yellow aspergillus can spray a little more. Special note: after the injection well make floor tile natural dry ( This skill is also clever) 。 Need water will be the floor tile of toilet cleaning completely several times. 6, how to quickly remove blocked drainage pipe, the drainage area lost 9 digestion effervescent tablets, such as jianwei xiaoshi tablets or various types of vitamin effervescent tablets ( Of course you can not find the effervescent tablets, also can make some baking soda, function and effect is exactly the same) ; Then, pour a cup of vinegar; After a few minutes with hot water washing down outlet flow freely again. 7, how to quickly clean toilet: cleaning artifact is here & quot; Effervescent tablets & quot; ! To implement it into two pieces of effervescent tablets in blister after 15 minutes, with the toilet brush brush back and forth after clean, gently and need cleaning was no problem with water, completely remove stain is faulty!
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