Tell the importance of ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-12
It is very important to decorate in the family in, ceramic tile building materials, if ceramic tile quality is bad, will produce craze, wear fast, the phenomenon such as arch; When you go to building materials shop, will find that all kinds of full of beautiful things in eyes of ceramic tile, do not know how to start, even if the same brand there are fake. To distinguish the true and false of ceramic tile is becoming very important! Help you to distinguish true and false of ceramic tile tools/raw material to see, touch, test method for water/steps look opposite sign: in the back of the ceramic tile, usually have the manufacturer brand mark, and the logo is clear, if there is no mark, symbol error, not clear, may be false brand, false ceramic tile. Help you to distinguish true and false of ceramic tile surface texture: the true brand ceramic tile quality is relatively good, can scan the surface texture, if the surface is smooth, no cracks, gaps, etc, is true of ceramic tile; On the contrary, if there is a dark crack, gap, are likely to be false ceramic tile. Try to help you to distinguish true and false of ceramic tile water: the quality of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, the opposite is higher, but on the other side of the ceramic tile on drop a few drops of water, if spread quickly, ceramic tile is likely to be false. Help you identify tapping ceramic tile ceramic tile is true or false: when ceramic tile of choose and buy, can knock on ceramic tile, if loud and crisp, show the good quality of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the true, on the contrary, if the sound dull, quality is not good, may be fake brand ceramic tile. Help you to distinguish between true and false see ceramic tile ceramic tile size: the true brand ceramic tile, each size and thickness are consistent, horizontal even vertical, the shop is stuck up very easy alignment; Fake by bad workmanship of ceramic tile, is likely to have different size, the shop is stuck up gaps will be crooked, not good-looking. Help you discern ceramic tile of true and false packaging: ceramic tile can have packaging, packaging such as manufacturers, telephone and address information, if the information is not complete, on the package must be false ceramic tile; Also some fake ceramic tile brand packaging information, but in name and real brand, or are there, so let's look, website query information when necessary.
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