Terrazzo tile floor tiles and which one is better? How to perform terrazzo tile cleaning?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-08
Terrazzo floor decorate construction to facilitate, wear resistance, can be any color floor tile spelling a flower, so more and more mainland China with the terrazzo floor tile house decoration. And terrazzo tile use time is long is very easy to touch float ash, brightness can also be reduced. Terrazzo tile and floor tile which is better: 1, from their surface brightness, because the terrazzo tile production process is simple, clear air flow will appear after surface grinding and polishing, so bright and clean degree is reduced. Clear and ceramic tile surface through sealing glair, dirty water is not so easy to get into, the surface brightness is better. 2, will tell from the engineering cost, terrazzo tile method process is relatively less, therefore the project cost more cost-effective than the floor tile, is relatively easy for consumers to accept. 3, terrazzo, ceramic tile design and style is relatively homogeneous, and very rich floor tile design, decoration design and the actual effect is better than the terrazzo tile. 4, terrazzo, ceramic tile using long surface brightness will reduce, will penetrate into the dirt, often replaced, the floor tile with long term, to maintain continued to be beautiful. 5, will tell from decoration design and the actual effect, terrazzo tile is relatively homogeneous, decoration design and actual effect than floor tile, terrazzo tile for this house decoration, suitable for ordinary public's not into the great hall. 6, terrazzo tiles while in more and more fields than floor, but there are still a vital terrazzo tile characteristics, namely stability is better, and ordinary floor tile to use for a long time will often conditions such as cracks, hog, so much more and more people are more interested in using terrazzo tile. How terrazzo tile cleaning? 1, the first maintenance: completely waxed. How terrazzo tile cleaning? Terrazzo tile in the post after several months, every day cleaning, just the surface of a variety of minerals clean and tidy, completely when cleaning, such as in surface coating of wax. 2, every day do: use broom to clean, and ash. Posted terrazzo tile floor not ash on a regular basis, then use chemical synthetic fiber mat fine polishing. 3, don't do on a regular basis: wet mop or brush with machine equipment. Terrazzo floor need not regular cleaning, use clean water to wetland board first, then combined with mild detergent, with mop or vacuum vacuum washing, then the surface coating of wax. 4, do the next day: with terrazzo tile system configuration of automatic synthesis of polishing dispensing fine polishing. Choose the terrazzo floor with polishing processing maintenance can also need not wax for many years, the wax can extend for 3 years or longer.
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