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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-04
Be fond of one people, we tend to be started in appearance, in talent, loyal to the man. With the ceramic tile of choose and buy, nice texture can always attract the eyes of the people first, arguably, the texture of ceramic tile is its appearance. So much so ceramic tile, texture and multifarious, according to the texture characteristics of style is tie-in, what kind of texture to the beauty of ceramic tile to the limit? What kind of texture can instantly make space high-end atmosphere? What kind of texture is advantageous to the home feng shui? 1. Straight grain/lines straight, straight grain/lines form with a clear direction, such as moving a waterfall, and as plain wood grain, lines crisscross overlap, shades, more smooth and natural. Line design makes the space to extend, vision more open. Straight grain white WMB12007 comes from the Greek precious stone, straight grain, white line feels dye-in-the-wood, exquisite texture lines, like waves ripple, let a person feel comfortable and quiet, space adornment effect is also different. Application of straight grain white marble, can make whole space specific stereo feeling, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, dashing linear expression, the feeling of infinite extension of space is in feet. Eurasian wood grain WMA88011 beyond really stone effect, delicate texture, texture soft, stereo sense is strong, explained the quiet zhiyuan, artistic conception, to ensure it is contracted, help soothe the mood, adjust the quality of life. 2. Crack fission texture rendering of tear, vertical and horizontal change, tension, wanton expansion line with unruly avant-garde sense, as nature's creations carved stone, directional and move feeling. There are mountain water, the accumulate. Menes gold WMB88007 its design and color texture can be applied to products, grain is exquisite and smooth, natural and vivid color, distinct, stereo connect fully, with flowing movement and wen run is exquisite texture, close to the natural marble natural aesthetic feeling. Alpine white TWM48001G if torn with natural stone texture, tension, personality with the thickness, density, texture, color and decide, can reveal the dynamic space, the ductility of can outspread space on the vision. 3. Mass flow mass flow lines from the water, like a cloud, such as fog, clever and elegant, the precipitation in one thousand into a texture, nobility is composed. No matter on the wall or floor, jing is colourful. Martha cream-colored WMB12002 precious natural stone material from Turkey, irregular texture ornament on jade cream-colored color, like a silent lake, stretch endlessly, and like a cloud in the wind, change a lot, have administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling extremely decoration effect. Fiorentina black WMC12013 black have strong abstraction beyond any reflect the depth of color, black marble, Florence line is thick and strong, texture is, like the flow of magma of the spark, like after mountain stream passage of the solidification of amber, one integrated mass, atmospheric tiancheng. 4. Running water grains are distributed in running water grains is texture flow patterns, such as fluid flowing streams, directional and move feeling, light nature, applied in household space, comfortable feeling, also can let a person produce space on the vision expands the feelings. Ica dark gray TWM88111G dark grey brick surface to give way, such as the texture is more obvious, like deep and stable, glaze simple sense is strong, rich natural level. Wave light grey TWQ88301G wave ash derived from Iran, like the waves of the sea waves if the shadow if we walk in gray brick surface, jump off the gas of the dust of gaudy, deep quiet, fashion and personality charm, let a person feel deep in concise and simple noble flavor. 5. Transparent clear and transparent ice ice decorative pattern, casual fission, blooming flower, beauty of the quiet inside collect, used in a variety of space style, still maintained a unique beauty. Castle ash WMC12016 design inspiration from Greek rare and expensive Custer natural marble, natural texture smooth, gray inside collect and white pure, beautiful fusion depth texture staggered form the visual effect of rich valley of the moon the moon valley marble WMC12005 originated from Turkey, smooth and natural stone texture, texture, dreaming is settle classic, comfortable and harmonious, like the traces of mottled years, tell us about the endless changes in the world. Different texture brings different space atmosphere, on the choice of ceramic tile, not only have to choose the right, but also beauty beauty, hope the above ceramic tile texture knowledge can help you with a beautiful home oh ~
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