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The 4 most standard paving methods for marble tiles

The 4 most standard paving methods for marble tiles


Marble tile products have always been the most popular products in the decoration of the house, but there are still many owners who do not know how to lay out better after purchasing marble tile products. In order to facilitate many owners to lay marble tiles Products, Overland Ceramics sorted out the paving knowledge related to marble tiles, the way of paving marble tiles also has different emphasis, the way of paving different styles of home is different, and the effect will also be different.

 Marble tile is widely used: suitable for various scenarios, for example, "living room, aisle, entrance, background, stairs, kitchen, bathroom, etc.", the indoor space can be applied on the upper wall, lower wall, and ground.

Marble tile paving method

1. Combined paving feels more refined

◆Laying points: tiles of different sizes, styles and colors are paved according to a certain combination.

◆Suitable type: adapt to European style, modern style, rural style, retro style, and rich paving methods.

You can usually use marble or ceramic tiles with a slightly darker color than the main tiles you are paving, and around 15 cm around the ground. The paving effect makes people feel that the materials are more refined and the space atmosphere can be more enhanced.

◆Intimate reminder: the supporting products of the combined paving are waved lines and floor parquets. Generally, dark-colored tiles are used for wave lines, and antique tiles also have special wave lines, which are mainly used in areas around the ground or aisles. Floor flower lines, corner flowers, etc. are floor decorative paintings made of ceramic tiles design, which are mainly used under the entrance hall, coffee table or dining table.

2. Horizontal or vertical

◆ Laying points: Lay the walls in parallel. The tile joints are aligned, and at the same time, they are treated with a jointing agent close to the color of the tiles, which looks refreshing and neat.

For the laying of long marbles: how to choose horizontal or vertical paving?

Wall mounting: If the wall is relatively narrow and the bearing height is low, it is best to choose vertical mounting, the overall space effect will be more atmospheric.

Floor paving: If the space is long and the aisle is narrow, you can choose vertical paving; if it is a square space, you can choose vertical paving or horizontal paving; generally, vertical paving looks wider.  

◆ Suitable type: suitable for modern and simple style.

◆Intimate reminder: The rectangular tiles are laid horizontally or vertically, which can make the whole space appear spacious. The tiled pattern and ground flowers can make the simple space more refined.

3. Diamond oblique shop is suitable for small area embellishment

◆ Laying points: The tiles are lined up at a 45-degree angle to the side of the wall. This method is relatively expensive. The general diamond-shaped paving method is more suitable for the tooling method. The home improvement is less used; for the tool-shaped diamond-shaped paving, you can choose a jointing agent that is close to the color of the tile body, or you can choose a contrasting jointing agent to deal with the tile joint. The composed geometric lines are criss-crossed to make the overall effect more distinct and unified, and can bring a strong three-dimensional sense to the space.

◆Suitable type: suitable for European and Chinese styles, but also for modern minimalist styles. Visually, the original square tiles will become rhombic, not too dull, and the effect of oblique paving is more atmospheric.

◆Intimate reminder: Small square tiles with small specifications are suitable for small-area embellishment, because large-area use will give people a trivial feeling and it is not easy to clean.

4. I-shaped paving is solemn and solemn

◆ Laying points: For I-shaped paving of marble tiles, generally a 2:1 ratio of tiles is more suitable, for example: 600x1200mm, 750x1500mm, etc., for 800x800mm specifications are relatively small, because the 800 specifications of I-shaped paving look It will be more cumbersome, and the visual sense is not very good.

◆Appropriate type: I-shape with staggered shape, which produces a sense of staggering visually, but at the same time monotonous, it also creates a solemn, calm and heavy effect.

◆Intimate reminder: I-shaped paving method can weaken the feeling of depression in narrow and long spaces. It is suitable for aisle, kitchen or toilet.

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