The advantage and application of wood grain brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-09
Wood grain brick texture is clear, the touch foot feeling, feel is real, just like real wood. 'Wood grain tile' all for the whole porcelain brick glaze, mohs hardness reached 7, than polishing brick five to six levels of hardness is high, long wear, do not fade, do not change color, qualification of glaze is not dirty, easy to clean and care. Surface rendering of wood grain decorative pattern split tile high-grade ceramic new products, grain lifelike, natural simplicity, no fade, wooden floor wear-resisting and so on shortcomings. Wood grain high fidelity, modeled on the wood perfectly fine lines; Waterproof treatment on the surface, easy to clean, dust contamination, if any, can be directly wipe with water; Itself has the characteristics of flame retardant, no corrosion, is green, environmentally friendly building materials; Products have long service life, wear-resisting, no wax periodically maintenance like wood products. Wood grain brick alternative specifications and design and color is more abundant, used widely, from the sitting room to the balcony, from the ground to the wall, all embody the dignity and potential of the atmosphere. Wood grain brick is suitable for all kinds of consumers, especially the people who do not like the avant-garde style can choose wood grain brick, it has the warmth and comfort of wooden floor, and more easily than wood. In addition to engage in art, painting, rich individual character of the consumer favorite Overland series products. 35 to 40 ms, especially for porcelain floor of wood of popular. Overland series products are suitable for northwest dry climate, can resist tide, fouling resistance, resistance to bug eat by moth, acid-proof, alkali resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention, prevent become warped, prevent deformation, low water absorption, do not change color. Magnetic board applied space, such as tea houses, antique furniture store, the collection room, stair, sitting room, bedroom, study, balcony, toilet on the ground can be used.
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