The advantage of wood grain brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-09
The wood grain tile type on the market very much, when purchasing choose well-known brands of products in the market, if not taken, be undesirable businessman fool purchasing the poor quality of the wood grain tile, this kind of brick structure simple, use for a long time after the main will appear the surface not wear-resisting, the color will rub off on the surface of the itself texture is poor, prone to fracture. Wood grain brick more or the bedroom, it replaced the wooden floor with household. It has a wood floor in separating the edge. Environmentally friendly UI, relative wood floor to affordable price, again province a lot of heart, don't need to do nursing, puncture resistance is the advantages of the original. Wooden floor should be truly environmental protection will be using solid wood, but that cost would be too expensive, behind a series of maintenance is not missing. Aggrandizement floor cost is similar to the cost of wood grain brick, but environmental protection performance is absolutely impossible which such prominent, aggrandizement floor, after all, is a synthetic, and the use of glue ( Containing formaldehyde, benzene and other organic compounds) The environmental protection is absolutely impossible to do it again. Wood floor, of course, has its unique advantages, is relatively a lot of rich color and selectivity there is enough space for the customer. In the market, the main specifications have 150 * 600600 * 600200 * 900200 * 1000600 * 900. Now in clients with wood grain brick choices more is 150 * 600 specifications, because wood grain brick are used where a dozen square this kind of space is not very big, with the bedroom is given priority to, use this specification to the shop is stuck on the one hand, more beautiful, on the other hand it is facing the loss in the construction of relatively less, at the same time, the price of this specification to be affordable. Appearance looks like very similar log, very wear-resisting, will not be afraid, don't have to come clean with wet mop, mop, basically use a decade will not deformation wear away, much more durable than antique solid wood floor and do rise very convenient.
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