The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-31

a) , and the advantages and disadvantages of the polished ceramic tile: ( 1) , polished tile advantages: first, no radioactive elements: natural stone material is a mineral, without high temperature sintering, therefore contain individual traces of radioactive elements, contact for a long time will be harmful to human body; Polishing brick will not cause harm to human body; Second, the basic can be controlled without color: natural stone material, due to the time of diagenetic shading color, strata, abrasive brick pesto, consistent with the product design and color, basic no color difference, third, the flexural strength: natural stone material naturally formed, due to become useful time, weathering, etc, different density and strength of abrasive brick by thousands of tons of hydraulic press pressing, after more than 120 0 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength; Fourth, brick of thin, light weight, low natural stone material strength, thickness of processing large, heavy, improves the load of building housing construction, the potential threat, costs, and improve the delivery of difficulty, the shop is stuck, etc. [2], the shortcomings of polishing brick, polishing tile fatal weakness is easy to dirty, so many manufacturers when polishing brick factory is generally going to add a layer of coating. 2) , the advantages and disadvantages of the brick tile: ( 1) Connect body to the surface of ceramic tile glaze, positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, which is very famous. The brick tile economic and practical, so use more in the kitchen. Perfect ceramic tile is a kind of wear-resisting brick, although there are still ooze to spend body brick and other varieties, so the brick is becoming more and more become a kind of fashion, are widely used with the footpath outdoor at hall hall, corridor, and decoration, etc. In the fourth. 吗? The tile tile moisture very well. When using the brick tiles on the ground, the kitchen is decorated when its stained with oily be soiled, can use general cleaners and wire scrubbing, won't produce any tiny scratches on the ground or stains. ( 2) Perfect after ceramic tile is polished, bo exposed, oil, dirt and other easy to penetrate. Perfect ceramic tile is bibulous rate on the high side, contamination caused by the dust into the brick, once the infiltration is indelible. Because the brick tile body surface open pore, easy to absorb dirt and scratches, surface black, yellow, lose luster, so 'ceramic tile renovation' has become a big problem to clean the market. The brick tile no glaze on the surface, its adornment effect is poorer. 3) , the advantages and disadvantages of vitrified tile: (1), vitrified tile advantages: vitrified tile is complete ceramic tile actually, vitrified tile is the hardest one of all ceramic tile, intensity is high. And, the surface of vitrified tile generally without polishing processing is very bright, so to a certain extent, solve the problem of easily dirty, convenient and clean. ( 2) Vitrified tile faults: due to its surface light, so make the skid resistance also is not very good, and colour and lustre is single. 4) The advantages and disadvantages, glazed ceramic tile: ( 1) , glazed ceramic tile advantage: advantage: generally good glazed tile, its high density, good press; And compared to two in front of the brick, glazed tile surface color, decorative pattern design will be more rich. In addition, the part of the glaze layer also has good fouling resistance. ( 2) Glazed ceramic tile faults: because of the glazed tile surface layer at the bottom of the embryo and thinner, so bending degree is not very good, once was knock against easy to damage, thus affecting the overall aesthetics. 5) , the advantages and disadvantages of archaize brick: generic brick advantages: should be fired at high temperature, high strength, good abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, prevent slippery, easy to clean. Disadvantages: although there are more different characteristics generic brick, but anti-fouling ability than polishing brick is a bit poor, be careful to buy. Small make up the above content is ceramic tile, the ceramic tile to introduce the classification and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of what are the main contents of ceramic tile classification, of course, there will be more detailed content, small make up is no longer one by one, to understand the above content, I believe you will be on the classification and the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of ceramic tile have a clear understanding. Saw this article recommend watching: floor tile species and what are the advantages and disadvantages
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