The advantages and disadvantages of winter to decorate the house

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-02
Winter is decorated house tile floor tile note: 1, the floor tile shop is the first step on the ground, geothermal ground floor shop outfit. , according to a factory floor staff to the floor of the central heating method of heating of the heat of the water cycle system installation, the crucial key link is the correct treatment of the ground before the assembly. In the floor of the shop is geothermal, should pay very attention to the following three points: one, to use geothermal floor special glue; Second, the gap could not stay, indoor air heat transfer coefficient is low, heat transfer efficiency is not very good; Three, to avoid the real wood floor heating up too fast bending crack, in the first heating up or is not enabled for a long time with the need to slowly rising, then in the process of growing, growing each hour is more suitable for 1 degrees; Four, to use geothermal heating from mat, can not use ordinary foam mat, its thermal conductivity is slow, easy to produce harmful substances, adverse affect the physical and mental health. Winter assembly, on the other hand, have to be very pay attention to take reasonable construction clearance, floor tile should be around 2 mm around the expansion joints, or prone to cracking, suspended in the air after the problem. In heating season, if encounter central heating water, real wood floor with water must immediately wipe up, can't let sunlight insolate directly or use the electric heating furnace baking, avoid dry too fast, floor tile cracks. To avoid deformation, can be on either side of the wall floor tile, make after the wet powder, assembly again. 2, very reasonable attention to the environment temperature first, adjust indoor temperature. Winter in northeast China can appear frequent temperature suddenly dropped substantially, this kind of the sharp decline in temperature two adverse effects on the building decoration materials, is a contract, one is the moisture content of volatile. Thus in the winter construction, to adjust the indoor temperature. In the window is closed, it is forbidden to run volatile construction projects, such as paint, avoid lead to poisoning symptoms. Second, the careful use of concrete antifreeze. Winter construction, and a concrete antifreeze used problem. In concrete antifreeze used in construction decoration, can make the concrete hardening under negative temperature, and achieve adequate thermal compressive strength within the required time period. However, the main composition of concrete antifreeze is nitrite if excess intake will poisoning symptoms at once. Thus, decorate the house in the winter, should as far as possible to use other methods to resolve the cold. Don't 'heating' raw materials. Decorate the house in winter, very attention can not put the indoor decoration materials piled up on heating equipment, avoid the uneven heat lead to deformation. Relative to the part of the wood, should do in the early closed paint processing, seal coat both to antifouling also can reduce the loss of moisture content. The moisture content of raw materials, to the performance index of raw materials cause bad effect, moisture content is exorbitant, can lead to deformation problems; The moisture content is too low, will cause cracks.
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