The advantages of glazed tiles

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-22
1, the color of the glazed tile rich patterns, specifications, easy to clean, more choice space is large, suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern, glazed tile surface than polishing brick color and rich patterns. 2, the surface of the glazed tile strength will be much more, can be used as metope and ground. Relative to bo changes a tile, glazed tile has the advantage of seepage control, not afraid dirty, most of the glazed tile prevent slippery degree is very good, and that also can fire all kinds of decorative pattern design on the surface of the glazed tile, style is varied. Although the glazed tile abrasion resistance than bo changes a brick is a bit poor, but the wear-resisting degree of qualified products can meet the needs of the family to use. 3, seepage control, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape, toughness is very good, basically will not occur the phenomenon such as fracture. 4, bibulous rate, glazed tile bibulous rate is more than 10%. 5, the characteristics of thermal shock resistance, resistance to thermal shock resistance refers to the glazed tile rapid changes in temperature and not appear under the nature of the crack. Test used in cold and hot temperature difference of 130 and 2 & quot; C。 6, bending strength, bending strength of glazed tile average is not less than 16 mpa, when the thickness of the brick is greater than or equal to 7. 5 mm, the average bending strength is not less than 13 mpa
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