The balcony ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-06
We know that in modern society including the selection of floor tile when decorate there is a skill and method, master the selection of floor tile skills, can effectively we choose good decorate material, so how the balcony ceramic tile of choose and buy? 1, color identification: speaking of color identification is not here refers to the floor surface, but rather to see whether the color behind the uniform and consistent. If color uniform floor tile is belong to the quality is better. 2, the surface inspection: check on the back of the color, the surface must also is to see the brightness and luster, the greater the floor surface brightness is its density is strong, the stronger the resistance to pressure, polishing technology is more advanced. The wear-resisting and relatively resistant to carrying capacity is better. 3, ceramic tile specifications: 300 & home decoration ceramic tile of the specifications of The Times; 300,300× 450,300× 600,600× 600,800× 800 and so on, especially in the sitting room with ceramic tile, and 1 meter above specifications. Among them, the family is glazed pottery, which are frequently used ground specifications have 300 mm & times; 300 mm and 330 mm & times; Two 330 mm. 4, measurements: when floor of choose and buy must check about measuring the size specification and consistency, to place it in a fixed plane, there will not be become warped edge phenomenon of newborn. 5, prevent slippery test: floor tile generally include glazed pottery, tile that types and perfect polishing brick, they all have one thing in common, that is not slippery. Although beautiful, concise and easy, but the old man and the child is not particularly suitable for home owners friends decorate the choose and buy, suggested that when the choose and buy must do the slip resistance test, in case of one thousand. Balcony how ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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