The balcony choose ceramic tile size

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-06
The balcony is the place where everyday bask in clothes, so sometimes drops into the water, cause, the slippery ground, so many families in decorating, on the ground to choose is the balcony to prevent slippery tile, so the balcony ceramic tile size how to choose? 1. Prevent slippery brick is usually glazed pottery, mostly on the market at present is 300 mm * 300 mm specifications. Must look at is how close the balcony, the balcony floor tile size selection is anyone's guess, certainly there is no unified standard. I can only say most of the options. 2. When we walked in the ceramic tile market will see all kinds of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not only the price of each specification is different, their effect is also different. The balcony is the size of ceramic tile is a lot of people are thinking of problem. If you would like to ask the businessman, they answered 300 x300 as well. 3. We all have a myth that ceramic tile is bigger, the better, in fact, whether big or small, are not conducive to install and use. If big, will feel bad to find the location of the balcony was laid. And if it is too small, the installation of more troublesome. From various perspective, the size of 300 x300 is good, as the convenient in installation and tilt Angle is good for the two point of view, it is a good choice. 4. For the selection of ceramic tile balcony, it is important to waterproof non-slip, drainage is convenient. This problem represents is high to the requirement of the balcony of the specifications of the ceramic tile. And if you don't know the problem, then there is water on the balcony when they know is wrong. Balcony how ceramic tile size selection is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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