The balcony floor tile size in general

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-07
The balcony as household leisure and links up with the outside, its good and bad also decorated the whole family is beautiful and has a close relationship with comfort, let's take a look at the balcony to choose how much more appropriate ceramic tile, came to the balcony below ground ceramic tile is usually what size? Decorate the balcony is different from other space of the room to decorate, because own balcony space is small, if you also like decorate a bedroom a sitting room, choose some large size ceramic tile, may be not very good decoration effect. Balcony tile choice it is best to choose the ceramic tile of some small and medium size, such as 30 cm * 30 cm * 30 cm, 45 cm this is common size. If really small balcony suggest choose the ceramic tile of 15 cm * 15 cm, so decorate out whole style will be more beautiful, and looks more compact, there won't be a narrow sense. Little space to choose ceramic tile can foil more space dimension sense, like fat people wear vertical stripes clothes will not very fat, thin people wear horizontal stripes do not appear too thin is the same principle. If the balcony area is larger in the home, can try large ceramic tile, such as 50 cm, 50 cm * 30 cm * 60 cm can be. For big than small and medium-sized ceramic tile ceramic tile laying out the less ground joint, the relatively good cleaning. Balcony ground tile general size is introduced here, advantages and disadvantages of each size in the size of the concrete or according to the size of the resident's own preferences, balcony to choose, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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