The balcony of ceramic tile stick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-05
If the home to decorate the balcony, we certainly hope to be able to decorate the balcony is very beautiful, but when the paste in the balcony wall brick, some people will ask: the balcony needs to stick wall brick? If needs to stick wall brick house balcony, the balcony of ceramic tile stick how high? , etc. , for such problems, small make up to arrange related material, we can look at it together. First, stick a wall brick if we want to understand the importance of the balcony needs to stick wall brick? The answer to this question, must first understand to stick wall brick has what kind of effect, and then can decide whether need to paste the wall brick house. 1) Avoid splashing water to stick wall brick is can protect the metope of the home to avoid water splashing. So that can effectively protect the walls, not wet, cracking problems because of the water splashing. 2) Applicability is very strong wall brick is applicable to the bathroom, kitchen, balcony outdoor facade decoration. Wall brick is an effective way to protect walls from water splashing. They not only can be used for wall, on the edge of the door and window decoration. Is also a kind of funny decorative elements. The adornment of wall tile for the line that play a base. Namely beautiful protection wall is not easy to be shoes or desk and chair stool. Used in pools and the ceramic tile of bathroom, want beautiful, moisture and resistant to two or morethings. Second, some home wall brick construction question 1) How high the balcony wall brick pastes? We can according to the purpose of the balcony to consider whether to stick wall brick in the home, if the home of the balcony is mainly used for drying clothes, so we have to stick wall brick necessity; If the balcony is the place that need to rest after, you can keep the wall brick. 2) The balcony wall brick color choose what is better? Home of the balcony light is bright, especially some bearing better balcony, plus the balcony can not only for us to have a rest, can also be for our ventilation, drying clothes, etc. , so in the balcony upper berth to stick wall brick pick the color, had better choose color is more shallow, for example: light yellow, white, rice white, or light black etc. But don't suit to use deep color, for example, such as red, brown, etc. Balcony ceramic tile stick as is introduced here, we can choose according to their needs, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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