The balcony tiles off how to remedy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-06
There are a lot of owner are very confused, decorate bridal chamber is not long time, no problems with the acceptance, the ceramic tile on the balcony, empty drum or even fall off, like a scar, let us no longer bright balcony, can appear even safe hidden trouble. So the balcony tiles off how to remedy? A, prevention of prevention in advance to minimize the loss. To the balcony, after the completion of construction ceramic tile must work for 24 hours of acceptance, once appear empty drum problem, we need to analysis reason, solve the problem in time; If a largely empty drum, or dismantle the reshipment. Second, the tiles for construction or aging problems solution: we should be in accordance with the strict construction process to fix up the ceramic tile, but need according to the different processing of metope of the residue mortar. Three mortar, ceramic tile fall off but not loose solution: in the face of the situation, we should be on the back of the ceramic tile and metope mortar shave their clean, then stir in the cement mortar mixed with adhesive fully, then back evenly coated with a layer of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is tightly pressed on metope can perfect solution. Four, ceramic tile have been stripped off mortar solution: if the tiles with mortar or fall off surface mortar has been stripped, aimed at this situation, we need to fall off in unknown created MAO pit gently, and then mixed with adhesive in the cement admiral, brush in MAO pit surface, the need to stick ceramic tile, press firmly with the hand, until the mortar hardening can, avoid by all means is based on the surface of the cement mortar gravity hammer. Five, the ceramic tile is in good condition but with other act the role of loss at the junction of solution: if appear this kind of problem, so we need to paste the joint of the sand dust cleared, and then into the epoxy resin adhesive, such as dry again after using waterproof glass glue for inlaying in the joint. Balcony off how remedial ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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