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The bathroom floor tile should be non-slip, it is recommended to consider these 3 types of tiles

The bathroom floor tile should be non-slip, it is recommended to consider these 3 types of tiles


In daily life, whether it is cleaning clothes, washing teeth, washing face or bathing, most of them need water when using the bathroom. Therefore, toilets are often humid, and the ground is inevitably splashed. Especially just after taking a shower, the bathroom floor is easy to accumulate water.

The bathroom floor should be non-slip, it is recommended to consider these 3 types of tiles

In order to reduce the possibility of wrestling due to the slippery ground, the ceramic bathroom floor tiles must be selected during the decoration of the bathroom. Especially if there are older elders or young children at home, it is more important to pay attention to their safety when using the bathroom. So, how should the floor tiles of the bathroom be selected, and which types of tiles have better anti-slip properties?

When buying decorative floor tile for toilets in a tile store, many shopping guides will recommend non-slip tiles. Therefore, the owners are no strangers to anti-skid tiles. The whole tile is a kind of anti-skid tile. The whole tile fired at high temperature has a relatively high load-bearing capacity and hardness, and at the same time is outstanding in wear resistance, not easy to scratch and wear, and when applied on the bathroom floor, it can play a very good anti-skid effect. long lasting. In addition, the whole body suit is more versatile in terms of color and style, and can match a variety of different home space styles. It is also easier to choose and match other bathroom products in the future.

As custom floor tiles, mosaic tiles are used in bathroom decoration in some homes, and are particularly favored by owners who pay attention to the quality of life and hope to create a distinctive bathroom decoration style. In fact, in addition to excellent performance in decorative effects, mosaic tiles also have their own unique advantages in terms of anti-skid performance.

Most owners know that the size of mosaic tiles is particularly small, and the decoration is made of small tiles. After arrangement and combination of porcelain mosaic tiles, the anti-skid performance has been improved. However, the bathroom decoration is usually not completely covered with mosaic tiles, mainly local decoration, because the large area of the paving is easy to cause visual fatigue, and it is also very unfriendly to owners with intensive phobia.

In addition, when choosing anti-slip tiles in the bathroom, you can also consider polished floor tiles. Because the polishing tile is based on the full body tile, the process of polishing and grinding is added. Therefore, from the source, the polished tiles and the whole tiles have certain connection and common ground. It can be said that the hardness and wear resistance of the polished tiles are comparable to those of the whole tiles. However, the polished tiles leave small pores on the surface, which improves the water absorption rate, the moisture resistance is not so good, and it is easy to penetrate into the 

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