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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
We also know the name of body brick and it has a direct relationship between the positive consistent color. We when the choose and buy, don't be careless, get ceramic tile, serious look at the color of the positive, compared to the color of the opposite, see if the color of the positive and negative, if found, then polishing brick quality is poor. Observation, be careful, some of the color difference is small but need to be careful to observe! 2 deformation degree of the roughness of ceramic tile is one of the important criteria to identify good or bad, identification of polishing brick and so on. Quality of the brick is not deformation, side, should be a straight line. When we choose, you can pick up the ceramic tile side look if it is straight line, if you worry about observation have the error, you can also use a ruler measure. Found that the side of the brick tile, straight to direct requirements change a dealer. The ceramic tile not only in terms of quality closes nevertheless, also will give us trouble when laying. 3 abrasion resistance and compressive is decorated in the home, the wear resistance of body brick is famous for his good. So on general weight should not have scratches or cracks. When we choose, might as well let merchants have other test it on the polishing brick, brick if there is a scratch on the surface. A scratch, quality is poor. Inspection, we can stand up to see if the surface cracks will appear directly, so as to determine its ability to work under pressure. The compressive strength of ceramic tile of the specifications of the brick to select different brands of the tile generally has a different size, but the general specifications of the brick are common, 300 mm & times; 300毫米,400 mm× 400毫米,500 mm× 500毫米,600 mm× 600毫米,800 mm× 800 mm, etc. We'd better measure clearly when the choose and buy, the size of the room, need the number of polishing brick, according to own actual situation decision, avoid waste. 5 styles for home decoration, the choice of the style is varied. Choosing ceramic tile to consider before the design style of the room, we can according to indoor area, daylighting situation and their own preferences, to determine the color of polishing brick or decorative pattern, etc. Narrow I suggest you had better choose average room monochromatic ceramic tile. 6 analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of the brick body brick is often used in the living room, hall, bedroom decorate area, such as surface polishing hardness can be compared with natural stone material, bibulous rate is low, good abrasion resistance, due to the rough surface, so it is skid resistance is also good. Another the price is relatively reasonable. But because of its unique structure, make it when decorating effect is single, it will affect the overall aesthetic effect to a certain degree.
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