The brick tile maintenance method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-23
The expert reminds, when decorating a kitchen to choose material moistureproof function should be fully considered. Ground in the kitchen with oily be soiled, can use general detergent and soft brush scrub, remove the tiny scratches or stain on the ground. 1) Pollution types: daily cleaning and can use the mop, and then use the detergent, soap water to clean. 2) Pollution types: tea, ice cream, oil, beer can use soda ash cleaning solution. 3) Pollution types: sediment, rust, mortar using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution. The drop in the face of tile, rest for a few minutes to wipe, pay attention to the hand protection. Amway has a kind of special ceramic tile detergent effect also is quite good! 4) Pollution types: paint, drawing pen, can use turpentine, acetone is wiped, use in the home of the toothpaste has very good decontamination effect. 5) Pollution types: soy sauce, vinegar, at the end of the carbon, use clean lavatory spirit effect is better. 6) Pollution types: ink, you can use the ceramic tile of amway detergent or toothpaste. Note: commonly used cleaner clean lavatory spirit in the home, detergent, toothpaste, ceramic tile cleaner for stubborn stains have good decontamination effect.
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