The ceramic tile cheap testing?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-03
One, the main is to see whether there are black spots on the surface of the ceramic tile, air bubble, pinhole, cracks, scratches, spots or not, and the lack of edge, missing Angle bo changes a brick also note whether there is leakage, grinding defects such as leakage. Second, the phase modulation is phase modulation components, ceramic tile of handle, the same specification product, good quality and high density of tile feel quite heavy, on the other hand, the quality of products to be feel lighter. Three, listening by hitting ceramic tile, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of ceramic tile, according to the floor tile of wall of hutch defends and bo changes a brick under the two aspects to introduce: tapping method: 1, wall brick, or small size ceramic tile is usually with one hand five fingers apart, drag up ceramic tile, another hand on ceramic tile face, if the sound of a metallic simple sense, the quality of ceramic tile is better. 2, floor tile, The sitting room on the ground is to use the bo changes a brick or archaize brick) Lift one side of the ceramic tile in one hand, the upper hand in the other hand on the middle of the ceramic tile, if a gravelly voice echoing long as percussion sound of bronze, the high degree of vitrified tile, wear resistance, high flexural strength, bibulous rate is low, not easy contaminated, if the voice is cloudy, no response and low degree of vitrified ( Even there is crack) Inadequate, the body of ceramic tile calcination, poor abrasion resistance and low flexural strength, bibulous rate will be higher, the bo changes a brick is easily contaminated. Four, spelt the same types of products at 4 piece, bunking, through this step can check size ceramic tile, flatness, straight Angle and so on three aspects. Five, try as long as it is for prevent slippery floor tile.
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